Am I an Alcoholic?

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  1. Hey everyone, basically just wondering if anyone thinks i have an alcohol problem. Im only asking because i didnt think it was a big deal but my girlfriend does.

    I only drink on friday nights, sometimes Saturday but never if i have to work the next day

    I do drink to get drunk. I dont often sip a drink to enjoy it.

    I need to drink a fair amount to get drunk. Im also fat so im not sure if that has an effect.

    I enjoy drinking alone. I have always been an introvert and enjoy unwinding by myself. If i do drink by myself i normally do as follows: get home from work, eat dinner, shower, smoke a bowl, put on a movie or grab a book and have a couple drinks. Then once nice an intoxicated i hit up PSN lol.

    I have stopped drinking for a month and a bit because i was afraid of turning into a drunk. I was going to have a drink on Friday night after work and my girlfriend was like "really..."

    So, i know that is long but i appreciate anyone taking the time to read it and voice their opinion.
  2. I drink every day and I'd say I'm definitely an alcoholic and that you might have an "alcohol problem" but I wouldn't consider you an alcoholic. The fact you drink to get drunk supports that it IS a problem, but you don't do it regularly which is good. There's a number of people who stopped drinking around here and if it's an avenue you wish to pursue you'll find a lot of support. If it's not, and your girlfriend objects... then you shouldn't try to keep the relationship going.

  3. I won't try to guess whether you are an alcoholic or not, because I don't believe in judging people. Also I don't think you mentioned anywhere the actual number of drinks on a typical Friday. Is there a reason you didn't tell us the number?

    A different term than "alcoholic" that you may or may not be aware of is "binge drinker." Here is some information about the difference between "alcoholism" and "binge drinking":

    The great thing here is that your girlfriend is concerned about you. I would use this as an opportunity to have a conversation with her. What are her specific concerns? Does she drink with you, and if not, why? Does she have personal or life experience that informs her concern for you? She sounds like a nice person, so don't listen to the "dump her" advice.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that you are taking a month off for your own health and for the good of your relationship. If you are able to do this easily, then I don't think you are an "alcoholic." Good luck!

  4. Thank you very much for the replies! I usually drink 2-3 drinks but i have drank a whole fifth at a party before without any (physical) problems. I actually never touched alcohol until i was out of high school. I play the piano and what caused me to start drinking for the effect is the fact that i am much less critical about my playing and feel alot more creative. I should mention that i dont get totally shit faced when i drink alone. Definitely intoxicated but only to the point where my embarrassment and lack of self confidence is lowered.
  5. 2-3 drinks on a Friday or Saturday night is neither alcoholism nor binge drinking by any definition.

    Drinking an entire fifth equals 17 shots and is potentially life-threatening.

  6. I think you're fine.

    I've been drinking for almost 50 years and haven't ruined my life yet. I used to drink A LOT, not so much anymore but still have a couple bottles of wine on the weekend, and will have a glass or two during the week also.

  7. It doesn't matter whether you have a drinking problem or not. If alcohol is creating problems in your life, alcohol is a problem. Unlike herb, alcohol can and WILL eventually kill you. If I were you, I would lay it down and leave it alone...while you can. TWW
  8. Even that much drinking on a regular basis can be extremely unhealthy. Alcohol is some fucked up shit if you let it.
  9. only you can answer that, op..................nobody can decide 4 u

  10. 2 to 3 drinks?
    I have 2 to 3 drinks before I go out drinking.

    Trade in the woman, the moaning will only get worse. Trust me.
  11. LOL [​IMG]

    I hear ya. Several decades ago when the legal drinking age was 18, and before drinking and driving became a crime, on Saturdays I would go over to my buddy's (parent's) house and play pool and get soused before we went out. May as well drink cheap beer at home rather than go out and spend all that money just to get up to speed.

    And we never went anywhere without beer in the car, and in the summer we always had it in a cooler in the back seat.

  12. When you wake up in the morning and can't function without having a drink of your cider beside your bed then you are an alcoholic. I drink maybe 5 days out of 7 and I'm definitely not a alcoholic or in denial ;)
  13. Fuck the labels man. Do what you want, we're all dying anyways. Sounds like you have a nagging woman problem not an alcohol problem.
  14. I worked on the buildings in London in the late 80's/early 90's, we used have a few pints in the pub at lunchtime everyday.
    The bloke I worked for reckoned there was no such thing as an alcoholic, only lads who couldn't handle their drink.
  15. Did much the same myself. Drinking is a way of life over here. My earliest memories are being in smokey pubs with my old lad.

    All this talk of drinking is starting to make me thirsty. :blink:
  16. When I first moved to Florida in the early 70s I could pull up to the drive up window at a liquor store and buy a mixed drink...not a prepackaged drink like are around now, but a drink poured by the bartender.

    You could even drive along tipping a beer and the cops wouldn't give you a second look....

    how times have changed.....[​IMG]
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    During the '70s I worked for an Austrian guy. He had some old school saying from his homeland: "It's okay to drink hard as long as you work hard." LOL, he certainly did both. He is now about 80, and has lived "the American Dream."

    One time at work my stomach was bothering me, so he brings me into his office and pours me a shot of "schnapps" (distilled wine, what we Americans call "brandy.") Wow, it went against my instincts, but it did help a bit.

    If someone's boss did that nowadays they'd probably send out the SWAT team.

    EDIT, in order to get the paragraphs right. I sure wish they'd get the paragraph spacing figured out on the "new and improved" software.

  18. Yup.

    Getting pulled over for a traffic infraction and having open beer in the car was no big deal. Cops only cared about the traffic infraction.

  19. Yup, until they realized the money stream they were missing out on.

    I'm sure they'll do the same thing when weed becomes more legally used.
  20. When I was treatment the big thijg was you are an alcoholic or addict if it is affecting youre life negatively, whether it be work, relationships, emotional, mental ect.

    Excessive use is classified more as abuse while addiction is classified more as an interference. If youre willing to let it interfere with important things in your life, its a problem.

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