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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Nuttdriver, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. I wanted to share something with you guys without being slammed or made fun of.
    Before I start, I want everyone to know I am not stoned or on anything. I am 100% sober. I want to know if anyone feels like I do.
    I feel like I know something that I cannot unlock. Like my mind knows everything, but I can't explain it. Sometimes people ask me questions and I am quick to respond. They look at me like, why didn't I think of that. Sometimes I feel like I have it all figured out...but I can't explain it.
    Am I going insane? I lay awake at night wondering where we came from and where we are going. Is this normal?
    I read something in a magazine that said we only use 30% of our brain capacity. Could it be that 70% of whatever (past life?) is the missing link of our future...on an astronomical scale is LOCKED in our mind that we can't access yet? Is our present life a school for something grand?
    I hope I am not going freakin nutts!! Please help!
  2. Don't over think stuff, if you can't explain something to yourself or anyone else then so be it. yes we're only using some 10% of our brain capacity and slowly are using more and more of it, but it'll be a long time whne we reach 90% or even 50% of it and by the current way of the world we'll end up dead before use even 20% of it, and speaking of that it's odd how some people are violent, angry and don't think too long in the future where as some people are peacefull relaxed and think alot of stuff. and nope you're not going insane you just think too much and that can lead to depression and then you start thinking that you're something very special and different from other people etc.

  3. I was thinking that everyone on Earth is in Hell. Wouldn't it suck that everyone here on Earth is in Hell. After you live a perfect life on Earth, then you can recreate on a higher consciousness (heaven).
  4. Just for the record that thing about only using 30% of our brains is an urban legend. What most people are reffering to when they say this is we only use about 30% of our brains for thinking processes and the things we associate with intelligence. The rest are bodily functions. This is actually a rather remarkable level of thought in my opinion considering we used to not use any of our brains in such a way.

  5. That would kick ass it would be like an extream awareness.
    You could do nothing wrong. you wouldn't miss a thing.

  6. well it may be that we live in what's called hell in the bible, just think about it: people constantly suffer of something being it the ultimate torture (wars, prisons, rapes, overall violence etc.) or more minor suffering (lonelines, boredom, hunger, depression, insomnia, etc.) and when we die we reach an place that no kind of suffering or such ever occures = death, nothing just not being alive, being nothing, shut down.

  7. i too think of such things.
    its not just you
  8. Hmm just to clarify some things......It is true that we only use 15% of our brain for thinking purposes.......Another 20% is for bodily functions or so....but that leaves the other 65% unknown(my numbers are a bit off).......If you have ever read yoga/medatation books then you would know how to open up your mind and understand things much better.....Its very interesting because I KNOW for a fact that if everyone did this then we would all be alot smarter....

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