Am I allowed to just wear a hat and not be a douche?

Discussion in 'General' started by HeaDiEs RusH, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Ok, here's the thing. I want to buy a new hat because I've always liked hats and enjoyed wearing hats. However, I haven't gotten the chance to wear around a nice hat since I was like 8 and it appears that a lot has changed within the hat industry since I last bought one.

    It seems like the only nice hats to buy these days are the flat brimmed 59fifty ball caps, but people seem to think that people are douche bags for wearing them. It just seems like one of those trends that people hate on simply for being a trend. I don't really understand why people care, I just want a hat.

    So, what do you guys think about hats these days? Does wearing them actually make you look like a douche or am I just caring too much about what other people think?
  2. lol.
    fuck what everbody else thinks. a hat is a hat.
  3. All depends on how you wear the hat and what type of hat you buy. If you buy a fedora I will personally strike you down. Also the wigger hats are not something you should wear if you want to be taken seriously. Just get a regular ball cap with a simple logo on it like your favorite sports team on it or something.
  4. why would you be a douche for wearing a hat? sounds like someone is a little too self-conscious.
  5. when you look like this you might be a douche.

  6. Why do you care?
  7. No one talks shit about my fedora...Must be your choice in style.:cool:
  8. People think hat wearers are douches

    Are you a douche? - No

    Problem solved.

    People will think whatever they want, who knows how many people think you're a douche when you're walking down the street without a hat. Judgment is inevitable, worrying about being judged is silly.
  9. Haha this is true man.

    people killed fitted and snapbacks trying to "swag", posers
  10. I wear New Era hats all the time

    Just don't leave all the fuckin stupid stickers on it and you'll be fine
  11. I like my hat.
  12. i hate the sticker marks fitted hats get sometimes.
  13. Sounds like someone has some insecurities....LOL. I wear em everywhere. I like it especially when I wear it and then talk to other ppl that dresses real casual and in suit and shit and talk to them real proper with correct grammer and etiquette. And me with my backwards hat and all. Just to see the reaction on their face.

  14. Question answered I suppose. :rolleyes:
  15. I must admit, every time I see someone with flat brimmed baseball hat, I think they look douchey. Not saying they are douches, but I automatically think they might be. I wish it wasn't like that, but I've never met someone who does wear them that hasn't followed this stereotype. Same thing goes for monster stuff with the neon "M". :/

    You don't have to buy a hat at a "hat store" you know. There are tons of cool hats you could find on the Internet. It really doesn't matter though, a hat is a hat... Not a big life choice
  16. If you really have to question yourself about wearing something normal, yet insignificant, you have many more questions that you need answered.
  17. who gives a fuck. i have 3 fitted hats and 2 snap backs. sometimes you get shit for snapbacks since they're "the new cool thing" but shit i been wearing em since i was in like 7th grade..

    but no if you can rock the hat and don't get something stupid, hats are bomb.
  18. take off the stickers and shape the bill, let it get dirty once in while, wear it in like a good pair of jeans.

    its a hat, not a purse.

    oh, and actually put it on your head, dont let it float onto of your hair like a douche
  19. Wearing one will not turn you into a douche.

    However, every douchebag and their grandma's all wear fitted caps

    Especially backwards black neyyork or bosox fitted caps - these are the ultimate symbol of douchebaggatry

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