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Am I addicted?????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by deninfl, May 26, 2004.

  1. I bake when I wake. I smoke before work. I toke while at lunch and start all over again at 5:00 p.m. Am I addicted? Better yet, are you?
  2. Weed isn't addictive.
  3. yo what are u saying weed isnt addictive, physicly its not but mently you pretty much want it or when peps ask you why dont you stop ur addicted you say i could if i want to but i dont want to righ? well it is kind of addicting. i know peps who smoke 7 times a day and are not ADDICTED try stoping or not smoking as much then youll find out if ur addicted
  4. Weed isn't addictive. If you consider yourself "mentally addicted" then you obviously can't handle it and should stop right away. Also, if you consider a craving a mental addiction, then you are simply retarded.

    Lay off the shit until you are an adult and can handle it.
  5. i can handle it and am not an adult so imma keep smoking until i die simple as that
  6. .... or until your mom finds out :rolleyes:

  7. Now THAT was stupid. Remember when you agreed in the TOS that you are 18 or over? You just admitted to violating the TOS of this site. Children are not welcome here. I suggest you leave.
  8. lol busted!
  9. ummm no??? i am 18 and i dont consider my self an adult??? i do stiuped shit smoke, play basketball ride my dirtbike i dont think im adult like older person but i am mature so just stfu

  10. hmmm we can all se just how mature you are...
  11. Your not addicted, you just smoke to much.
  12. I think the better question is, Do you think you're addicted?

    Do you have to get high? Or are you blazing because you want to get high?
  13. yes you are addicted if you do that almost every day. i had to do nova classes and they said smoking weed 3 or more times a week meant that you were dependant........not so sure about that. i think it should be more like 10.

    but yeah, you are addicted mentally
  14. 3 or more times a week means your mentally dependant? By that logic I've been mentally dependant for the last 3 years, of course I do take long breaks occasionally (on one as of today... at least until I get a job).
  15. i was a "moderate to heavy level drug abuser" because i smoked 1x a week tops .....when i was really smoking a few times a day....

    and i agree with IceCreamKidd ...try stopping or cutting back and if you cant, then you might have a problem..

    ...its not that IM addicted ...i just love to smoke pot :D

  16. lol u beat me too it!
  17. How do you figure I'm a hypocrite? Do you even know what a hypocrite is? Prove to me that weed is addictive. No scientific experiment has proven marijuana to be addictive.

    I fucking hate it when these jackass little kids come on here and start talking shit like they are some sort of big time pot addict. Its BULLSHIT. We are trying very hard to legalize our most favorite plant. How does it look if even the people that are immersed in the counter culture are saying its bad for you? And whether you think so or not, every time you say its addictive, you are making matters worse. Think about all the anti drug people thinking..."well, even the pot heads are saying its addictive." You can't say its harmless one minute and say its addictive the next.
  18. Yes, I agree that there are limits. But I have crossed none. Like I stated in my other post, I have doctors approval to use the amount I am. If at any point he said I am smoking too much and I could be seriously harming myself, I would cut it back or stop. Whatever he suggests.

    But this isn't about me. This thread is about addiction. And marijuana is not addictive.

    *edit...FYI, a 15 year old's brain isn't fully developed. In cases like that, I can see how it could fuck up a child psychologically. That is one reason I am so against kids being on this board. But I am not a child. Far from it. I may have used marijuana when I was a teenager, but only occasionally. I would never say its good for a kid to smoke pot.

  19. Are you listening to yourself? Lemme get this straight. You want me to alter my life to prove some dude on a website wrong? LOL Ok, I'll play along. I'll stop tonight. :rolleyes: I'll get back to you in a few days and let you know how its going. rofl
  20. And you were calling me a hypocrite? Too funny. Hows that saying go? pot, kettle, black? lol ;)

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