Am I a hipster??

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  1. I'm what people would generally call a hipster, but I don't really give a fuck,,, I'm a musician but I like the Grateful Dead more than I like all these random obscure bands that pop up all the time,,, I hate apple products and I don't like taking pictures all the time,,, I don't own a type writer and I don't pretend to like books,,,, fakers are the real problem

    I just think society needs a class of people to hate, and now it seems to be the hipsters. Everyone's got their own idea of what a hipster is but no one actually fits into that genre 100%, its just a way to characterize people and say "OH THAT FUCKIN HIPSTER DAMNIT"
  2. Seriously? In a thread asking "am I a hipster" you haven't figured out who is worried about looking like a stereotype... I don't believe you, which makes the question rhetorical and argumentative. Maybe smoke some bud hombre?

    The Elementary School Students and Starving Musicians quote is lifted from the movie What's Your Number. It features Anna Feris and she shows all sorts of skin. So once you smoke some weed and chill the fuck out and ogle on some A and see the joke maybe you'll get the humor. Maybe.

    You are welcome for the tour of my closet. Technically it's more like, under the bed, by the door, trunk of the car. Because my closet is full of pot. So get off your static and learn how to do the kind. Or keep your behavior rolling and see how far that gets you in your slippers.
  3. Fuck hipsters!

    Reppin Chicago!!! Yeeee buddy

    Do your thing playboy ;)

  4. What does she show? I've had a fat crush on Anna Faris since watching Smiley Face hahah
  5. As someone who has lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY A.K.A. the Hipster Capital of the World, I like poop
  6. No i am the opposite of hipster. I am a real old school type of cat I like no fads no trends piss on all that. i stopped having anything to do with popular culture in the late 90's as is reflected by my "fashion" and tastes.
  7. An agnostic is one who chooses to believe in nothing........ One who does not "believe" in a God, but does not rule it out entirely either...
  8. Cool, I guess you can just ignore the posts that you don't have rebuttals for ;)
  9. You have derailed this thread harping on this atheism argument. Buddhists are existentialists in a way. My interpretation of history leads to a very different conclusion than that of most religions. I think ultimately we need to examine why the universe exists at all. If time is a relative dimension and the future is a place that I could visit by flying near the speed of light for several years then why has time played out so that we can even speculate these things? I understand the big bang theory but I have not been able to accept the relative "timeless moments" in the mathematical explanations.

    There is a fractal beauty in this universe we can all appreciate in some manner or another. My belief is actually much more profound. I think that from a statistical point of view that this universe is a simulation. Figure, as long as any intelligent race doesn't blow itself up then there will eventually come a moment of technological singularity where the beings must merge with the artificial intelligence or be overcome by them as the rate of development skyrockets. Given just 200 more years on this planet at the current exponential growth of technology will allow for the processing power in an individual to simulate the entire universe and every creature in it, waking in the morning able to process those experiences of life in order to become a being more full of truth and justice and kindness for all things. In this way I try to explain the connections between us all. That dying is simply waking up when all of this could be imagined by a super computing being in the future millions of times during their immortal lives.

    But even then... what is the waking verse and why does it exist. Why big bang? How timelessness? Ultimately even the Atheistic model depends on reading words from a book written by someone they don't know without a Stephen Hawking to properly interpret the meaning of the calculations. All forms of discussion in the matter depend on some form of faith that their side will be proven unequivocally. For all the words wasted on the matter neither side can present evidence beyond philosophical inference, be it logic or physics, it remains a quandary. It is my hope that we won't be finding the true nature of being in a thread about hipsterdom. Stop looking here and seek this discussion elsewhere.
  10. Haha, we have really derailed this thread. I didn't start it though; I just was defending the Atheist point after AstrovitztheKid gave an unfair representation of it. All my posts concerning that have been directed at him. I didn't mean to get the whole thread off topic

    Religion and metaphysics are insanely fascinating though. Such topics can do that to some threads I guess

    But yes, let's get back to talking about hipsters. They are interesting too
  11. SCMC, wait you own vans? What are you in elementary school?

    Yeeeeah, that should get us back on track. :cool: :p haha
  12. It's intellectually lazy to just claim a god made and is responsible for everything than to scientifically prove it false. Your statement is full of ignorance, which is what is expected of a close minded "Christian".
  13. Good question.

    I'm old and know exactly what a "hippie" is, but don't know anything about "hipsters" and am too lazy to Google it.
  14. this is the first and last time i come into the fashion and lifestyle trends section
  15. If you don't know if you're a hipster or not, then you're a hipster. Don't let TV, movies, internet, ads, other people etc. influence what you wear. They're just clothes man
  16. Honestly, why do people feel the fucking NEED, to label themselves...THEY'RE FUCKING CLOTHES...I think tomorrow I'll be a goth.

  17. Gotta agree here, haha. If you like something, wear it, if you don't, don't. You don't need to strategically define and label every little part of your life. Those who do seem to have some sort of insecure need to fit in and it's a pointless effort because everybody is different.

    Let it be, let it be, let it be. Worry about the more important things!

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