Am I a douchebag?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jellymanx99, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So my friend was talking shit and I told him to slow his roll, and he decides to bitch slap me and I kick his ass. We are cool now but was I the douchebag in this situation?
  2. Nah, he's a bitch for slapping you
  3. hahahahahahahahaha i laughed so hard when i read this story. it was epic.
  4. haha I think that's funny. So I don't think you're a douchebag
  5. If you're a douchebag for that...well then we're all doomed :bongin:
  6. man if they slapped me i would of done the same thing
  7. He actually bitch slapped me twice before I kicked his ass. After the first time I was in shock cuz I weigh like 300 pounds an he weighs like 90, then the mofo did it again and then I kicked his ass. heh
  8. Naw. I mean getting bitch slapped does not bother me unless its by a girl. If a guy bitch slaps me, I do not care at all because he looks like a fag for slapping another guy.

    If you really kicked his ass and if he was really talking shit about you, I think hes the douchebag for not backing his shit up.
  9. LOL he deserved that
  10. Is this related to MDMA? I am confused :confused:. Fighting while on X would suck ass!
  11. yea that was my origonal thought
  12. [quote name='jellymanx99'] he decides to bitch slap me and I kick his assQUOTE]

    WoW....Don't Know What To Say
  13. You in a fraternity?
  14. im not an expert on this particular situation,
    but im not gonna lie...

    id open palm smack a fool, its straight pimpin.
  15. Laughed so hard reading through this little sentence lol
  16. hahahah no ,he can't just go around slaping people. just unlady like :rolleyes:. hehehe yeah , talking shit + Slaping = Douchebag :cool:
  17. seriously...I am guessing it means to 'chiil out' or 'calm down'?
  18. it means chill.

    good thing u kicked his ass....i woulda
  19. You did the right thing.
  20. I actually had a similar experience with my friends brother. I caught him smoking weed in our house. The guy is 21 and such a loser. I told him not do it again, OR ELSE...Then he called me a douche.

    So, 2 weeks later, i caught him smoking weed again.

    I simply walked in, grabbed his bong, walked outside, threw it onto the street. As he was coming down the hallway to see what i did with it, i grabbed his head and kneed him in the face, then threw his head against the wall and kneed him in the face again three times.

    Needless to say, i kept his teeth and he had to leave.

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