Am I a cheap drunk?

Discussion in 'General' started by token2004, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Well I drank like 1/16th of a 26er of Canadian club last night (40% whiskey for you bloody yanks)... and i couldn't fucking walk what so fucking ever and me and my bud were gunna go biking, but i couldn't even pedal, literally.

    The level on whiskey is JUSt under the very top of the label on this picute... thats all i drank to myself...


    I still have the little bottle of 12 year aged too hehe

    Last weekend was another story though... almost a full 40


    So how much does it take you guys to not be able to walk? :eek:
  2. lol i am a yankee and take offense to im jk i dont but lol maybe u jus fuckin downed that shit thats why u felt pretty fuckin drunk
  3. Drinking really isnt my thing... So when i drink i get drunk very easily, 5-6 shots of vodka knocks me on my ass
  4. Thats like me... i just like the feeling of doing whatever and just not fucking caring and sitting back and letting it flow lol
  5. If i aient been drinking much recently a pint chugged will get me trashed.

    If not i need close to a fifth to get trashed.
  6. a liter of Captain Morgan's rum will get me real fucked up, when I did that it was easily the most drunk ive ever been
  7. a half bottle would get me pretty fucked up, a full litre bottle would make me a slurring vegetable
  8. Yeah that's not too much, but if you drank it fast and had an empty stomach it could hit you pretty hard.
  9. ....probably
  10. Everclear and Kool-Aid is where its at man..... 95% Alcohol (190 Proof)..... So beat that you... you.. non yankee! :D
  11. It takes about a fifth to get me to the point where I wake up the next day not knowing what happened or where my pants are. The most I ever drank was about 1.5 litres of vodka. But I rarely drink.
  12. i'm good off of a 375 mL bottle of jager
  13. I guess im a little of a cheap drunk. Moms b-day party today (50 woot), anyway we got a 24 of becks, a 15 of guiness cans, 24 7oz coronas (why she bought 7oz is beyond me) and a 12 of heineken, and 6 bottles of champagne.

    Good day to you all too! :D
  14. I drank a liter of McCormick's vodka to myself ($8 a liter) and did a double beer bong afterwards once...I was seeing double and had trouble walking. It was fun, I blacked out though.
  15. same here, I drink on occasion... like once every month or less. It's just not really my thing. But when I do, very little goes a VERY long way. VERY,
  16. i'm not much of a drinker... so when i do drink, i get drunk very easily.

    i don't mind it, though. it's cheaper for me..
  17. for 40% whiskey, 7 shots get me good and buzzed(back to back) 10-15 shot area is when i start stumbling and above that is when i tend to just stay seated
  18. Well me, Im on 5 shot of 40% whiskey. 3 beers of 5.9% beer. Then one mixed drink 2 shots 40% whiskey, 4 shots 15% peach shnopp's, Then 4-5 shots OJ(aient measure em).

    Im buzzed and feeling good but no where near stumbling or nothing.

    Pumped as fuck.

    Called my girl a lil while ago, Nobody answers. Then i get a call right back and answer its her number and some nukka answered. Im like who the fuck is this, This rob. Now rob WAS my homie fake ass nukka tho. But he was until his homie got outta jail then he like turned against me like a fake nukka. Guess this is normal from what i hear. But so a couple days ago he told my girl, his cuz, to break up with me or he'll break my jaw. Get real nukka.

    So this same nukka answered the phone. Bosses up like "What the fuck do you want." Im jus like "What the fuck you thing nukka, To talk to my fucking girl." He's like oh really, I'm like, No shit dumb shit im called her number didnt i?"

    So he aient said shit and asked her she wanted to talk to me and she wont in front of him because shes scared of him.

    So he goes she dont want to talk to me.

    I said, I wonder why eh nukka. And laughed at him. Hes jus like yeah.

    So i said, BTW, You wanna break my jaw, Come over homie.

    Now im wating for his ass, Gettin drunk, Ready to fuck this nugga up who will more then likley not show up.
  19. Break his tail bone wiht your foot maine
  20. id kill a 151 bottle right now >.>

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