Am I a bad person?

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  1. Yesterday I was chillin' in the parking lot with 4 of my friends at my local skatepark to cool off after a nice sesh. then these 2 girls roll up and park about 50ft away from us. we made eye contact so there was a little vibe in the air. After they parked, i could hear them screaming and laughing in their vehicle, obviously trying to get our attention. then they opened a window and i just hear "Sex!". me and my buds laughed at they outcry for attention.

    well after they pulled out of their parking spot and drove around the lot about 4 times, they parked again. then they yelled out "DTF". i was like "Is this really hapenning? its sort of like a fantasy..." Just some random ass chicks wanting to fuck.

    My buds egged me on to go over to their car and i recognized them on the way over. they were both sophomores who attend my school. i have seen both of them around school, but never acknowledged them, in fact i thought they seemed quiet. guess i shouldnt be so quick to judge.

    so now im like "great, underage..." btw they arent too bad looking. one was do-able and the other was a little better looking. the better looking one tried to claim she was 18 so i'd hop on the wagon, but i knew she was only 16. then the other girl offered assistance as well if went along. i politley declined...

    did I make the right choice? or should i have been in a threesome with two 16-year-olds?
  2. You shoulda done it.
  3. Statutory Rape on Jailbait in a park...yeah, you manned up and walked away. Good for you.
  4. If you live in Northwest Indiana, I can safely say that any sophomore girl who is trying to get random's to have sex with her has about a 95% chance of having some type of STD. And if not she'd just be really loose and a terrible fuck. I'd say you made the right decision, unless you idealize a lifestyle you'd see on like MTV or some bullshit, in which case you messed up bro. Fuck mtv though
  5. I would have done everything in my power to make sure nobody gave them any attention.
  6. Good choice, you have standards and made the right decision. that should make you feel 10x better than a shitty handy from a 16 year piece of trash
  7. If theres grass on the field, go play... actually... Just say no to statutory rape. Wait it was just a handy? Fuckin sophomores.
  8. who the fuck would ride around telling boys that theyre down to fuck?

    they have no self-respect at all, and if you had done anything with them, neither would you. good choice.
  9. Misery loves company.

    They were probably trying to spread the aids they got from having spontaneous sex with random people... on the reg.
  10. i would have done it :devious:
  11. You're a terrible person.

    Hitler himself would have been disgusted with your actions.
  12. pretty fucking hilarious, you did the right thing though :)
  13. Don't settle for do-able.
    You made the right decision.
  14. If she bleeds, she breeds.
  15. 15 gets you 30 bro...or 16 in this case but yeah you get the point

  16. We have the same sig.Well had.
  17. Since your still in highschool i woulda done it. Not like your some old guy. You missed an decent opportunity.

  18. THIS.

    I cant believe the responses in this thread.

    OP is obviously not a day over 18 (if even that :rolleyes:). For him to fuck a 16 year old is not statutory rape.

    OP u are fuckin up man. U should have DEFINITELY hopped in that car with em!!

    God I wish I was 17 again.

  19. They probably drove away like "what a dumbass" and found some other guys jimmy to wax.

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