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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MisterRoboto, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I heard that smoking metal can cause alzhiemers when ur old. but then i also heard something about how its only if you smoke aluminum. im kind of confused. so is it safe to smoke with any sort of metal or just some?
  2. Indeed aluminum have certain compounds in it that can "cause" (be careful with that word) an increase in chances of Alzheimer disease.

    I wouldn't go as far as saying smoking off a can once or twice will make you "catch" the disease.
  3. Here's an easy solution... Get a glass heady and enjoy your smoke without the nasty taste or possible side effects:D
  4. but no, everyone says foil is healthy and you can smoke from it
  5. I smoke from tin foil all the time and have never were we talking about again?
  6. yes, Aluminium is neurotoxic, and it does builds up in the arteries in the brain. It is much better to use a steel or copper screen, since iron is an essential mineral it won't have any neurotoxic effects, and a copper has too high a vaporization temperature you barely inhale any sublimated metal.
    it's not a chemical in or produced by aluminium it is aluminium itself that is bad for you.
    there are other metals that are fine, but steel and copper are the most common, likewise there other metals that are bad (i.e. lead)
    it's best to be safe and use copper, steel, or no screen.
  7. On the flip side THC is a proven tool in studies even published in the new england journal of medicine on how THC reduces the buildup of plaque on the brain stem, which happens to be one of the earliest onsets for the disease and in many patients with early stages of the forgetful "A" have seen the onset of the disease stopped.

    Remember for every "study" there will be another that'll say the exact opposite, it all depends who is footing the bill and what their adgenda is :)
  8. Anodized or billet aluminum is your best bet if you must smoke from aluminum, as it's usually machined from aircraft grade aluminum or mold formed at high heats causing it to harden and have less of a possibility of emitting vapors. It's the cheap shit they use to make aluminum foil you should watch out for, but agreed, iron, steel, copper, and nickle are your best bets for smoking from. Iron is an essential metal for your body, steel is an iron alloy, with tin and other metals to prevent rusting, copper has such an insane vaporization and melting point your lighter wont effect it...a propane or mapp gas torch would do it...but why would you smoke with a welding torch anywho?

    Stray from thin foil...if it's solid, you'll be ok, just don't make smoking out of metal a habit...

    I've heard of people getting headaches from aluminum foil pipes...

    My advice, since you're supposed to be 18 when you joined this site, go buy yourself a nice discreet little glass pipe and use is inert and tasteless, so you'll get the best experience as it doesn't heat up as fast as metal and is much easier to clean.

    hope this helps

    The Genius
  9. I actually mite buy an iron pipe. for some reason, ive always loved the taste of iron (especially iron in water... i swear i would pay top dollar for ironwater)

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