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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DatPurpleDrank0, May 29, 2006.

  1. Well, i wanted to start growing. The thing is the seeds i can get a hold of are some very good schawg but i want to grow some stuff that will knock me off my ass.

    I was wondering cause i was told this by someone a while ago. If i plant the marijuna seeds with seeds from lets say a watermelon will this alter the weed for the better? or will it merely do nothing or destroy the plant.

    Thanks for the replies
  2. As far as i know there is no way to cross-breed cannabis and fruits. They have to be the same plant. A dolphin and a human cant have some fucked up half dolphin half human kids, same goes for pot. You can cross breed with other strians but as far as your mellon/weed its not going to happen. Does anyone know if you can crossbreed hops and cannabis?
  3. Are you asking about cross-breeding across species or having two different species growing right on top of each other?

    The first is impossible, the second is not good.

    I suppose it's possible that there are some specific pairings of species growing together that are beneficial, for example if one repels parasites of the other or if one has fast deep roots that break up hard soil that the other would not have been able to penetrate, things like that. But your question about planting MJ with "let's say watermelon" seems general in which case I would say no, direct competition for real estate, water, nutrients, etc. would not be beneficial.
  4. you cant compare animals to plants.

    and crossbreeding does not occur when you plant two different seeds together.

    and interspecial crossbreeding is almost impossible with plants.
  5. ok then thanks...

    i'll just have to find another way to achieve good weed
  6. Yep. not possible, and especially not that way.

    Im guessing your a first time grower, if that is so, I would just stick with bag seed on your first grow so you can get one under your belt, and not waste money.

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