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Discussion in 'General' started by yellow bic, May 24, 2006.

  1. when you order stuff online with a credit card is there anyway to tell age on there, because my friend keith just got a credit card but is 17 and hes all sketched out to buy stuff online he thinks they wont ship

    i just told him to go for it hah he wants to order a roor, so i told him go for it because i sure as hell dont have that kind of money hah
  2. Na they'll ship you need to be 18 to own a credit card so I dont think they'd even bother to check or anything like that
  3. thats what i figured

    he is gettin sketched out and wanting me to buy it for him

    any other opinions so i can end this argument hah

    we were both high and startin thinking about that lol
  4. haha from many passed experiances with roor bongs I say buy it and that'll end the arguement best bongs I've ever smoked out of A++
  5. I'm really high too Keep blazin:bongin:
  6. how did he get a CC if hes only 17?
  7. agreed im dyinmg to smoke out of one i actually get payed tomorrow and would have enough to buy it tomorrow so maybe ill pick me one up hah

    im pretty high too!!!!! :wave:

  8. sorry i didnt really specify that well

    he has a debit/checking card, but it has a visa logo and his parents said he can use it as a credit card, or so he tells me??? lol

  9. oh, gotcha.

    no one is going to check the age...theyre a business...they just want your money lol.
  10. haha once again i am victorious lol

    i told him they wouldnt care

    hopefully ill get to smoke it with him soon !!!
  11. Dude when me and my buddy needed to order "things" online we just got a visa giftcard so don't worry about it haha

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