Always use a condom & never trust a ho'

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  1. Stop by the clinic regularly.

    Never get your dick sucked by a bitch you don't like.

    Sniff the pussy before you think about eating it.

    These women will burn you, burn you bad. So strap up and be safe. :wave:

    & Take sips of the brew.
  2. Once they 'take sips of the brew' all that common sense goes outta the window.
  3. Also make sure they don't have a penis, dunno how, but make sure.

  4. The Golden Rule.
  5. word up

  6. So it burns when I squat....
  7. yea man..these are always good pieces of advice..

    what did u catch?
  8. That's right don't ever forget the rubber and remember to pinch and roll you don't wanna put it on wrong and it break.
  9. Nothing, but i was scared...i think everyone could use this advice.

    Sips of the brew rather than chuggin cans. Yadig?
  10. typical advice from the Sheen :D
  11. you just get diagnosed with hep C?

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