Always save your work. [A VECTOR ART CHRONICLE]

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    Photoshop just did something trippy. Only the colour-selection and menus were frozen, but I could use brushes, etc. However, I couldn't save.

    (( EDIT:

    Yes, the caterpillar will be in the finished picture.

    The eyes and the joint are my favourite parts so far. ))

    Working on a pseudo-vector-art image of THIS GUY:


    It looked great! His eyes even had a green-glazed look to them.

    Going to re-do it when not frustrated, and I'll chronical my progress here. Going to make something REALLY cool out of it.
  2. Progress!


    Photoshop shut down in a second time. Saving frequently.

  3. Lookin' good. Subscribed.
  4. Ah I remember you talking about this in the pic thread. I like it, but I kinda wish you kept the caterpillar :eek:
  5. The caterpillar is definitely going to be in the completed product. Not even half-way finished. :)

    And thank you both!
  6. Haha fucking awesome I'm glad your interested enough to make this snap shot of me and the cool little caterpillar blazing into something sweet:cool::D
  7. Not that much progress, but the other head was creepy.


    Still adding more detail to face, hands, hair, etc.

    - improve joint shading, etc.
    - clothing (altered from original)
    - catierpillar (altered)
    - landscape/surroundings (going to try to have fun with this!)
    - smoke
    - other details

    Is that all okay with you iPwlF00lz? :smoking:
  8. lol i like how u made the joint bigger
    lookin good. photoshop rules
  9. [​IMG]

    Thanks. haha, I was hoping someone would notice that.
  10. Haha for sure man! Go nuts and have fun with this project, your creative mind is doing good with this so far, I'm pretty excited to see the finished project:cool:
  11. Yay thanks :D

    You do know I'm a girl though, right?
  12. Lmao no but I do now, but I would have still called you man anyways:D
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    Haha yeah I thought so. :D
  14. subscribed
  15. Please tell me the caterpillar is going to be in the picture!
  16. Over course! He was the initial inspiration! :smoking:
  17. Subscribed! This is really cool, cant wait to see the finished peice
  18. [​IMG]


    And thanks everyone for being encouraging :yay:
  19. I don't want to give away the background but I'm:smoke: and if I don't write my idea down I might forget it.

    - lying in grass
    - caterpillar
    - mushrooms(maybe) and other flora growing
    - pale-green "smoke rings"
    - considering a fairy in smoke, so it looks as if that is where the eyes are focused

    slightly inspired by alice in wonderland, of course

    Any opinions? or suggestions?

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