Always Pulling The Cherry Through.

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  1. A few weeks ago I picked up a cheap bong for around $30 as a go-between before I drop some real cash. Whenever I have a bowl to myself, just before I'm about to rip, the cherry is always pulled through. At first I wasn't too concerned, back in the days of smoking out of homemade bongs this always happened, however it's never happened with any glass I've used before.
    After giving it a good clean this morning I discovered there was quite a bit of green that had been pulled through. Now mind you this is from only maybe a 1/4 being smoked so it wasn't that much bud per bowl, but I was still a bit annoyed. I couldn't really gauge how much there was as most of it had been washed out already, but I'd say it was enough for a few decent bowls. Also, I live in Australia, where the norm is usually to have one hitters, so you keep the holes in the bowl tight so you don't waste space with a screen (hardly any headshops around here even sell glass screens, they're all pretty shit). Mine isn't a one hitter but it's a decent size.
    Now my questions. Am I just blowing this out of proportion and should I just drop it? As I've said I've never had this problem with glass before but maybe I've just gotten lucky and my problem is just normal. It's kind of hard to figure these things out around where I live, I only know two other people who use glass and that's with metal downstems with rubber grommets. Should I hunt around for glass screens or just grin and bear with it? Any input is appreciated :)
    Also, I can get pictures if that helps.

  2. Actually, that is the norm for me. I had to give up my $250 bong a bit ago, and every time I smoked a bowl from it the remains would be sucked through at the end of the sesh. That's how I knew the bowl was finished. I wouldn't be too worried about this, and maybe even see it as a good thing so you know when to finish the bowl. But a pic couldn't hurt to gauge the situation ;)
    Hope that helped!
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    Ah I just packed it away but I'll crack it out again. Thanks as well, and I've never thought of using it as in indicator, good idea
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    I'm not sure if these photos are helpful, my only camera is an SLR and it's tricky to operate after a bowl or two (that's why the bowl's dirty again as well)

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  5. Get a glass screen.
    Or instead of packing a bowl of fully ground herb, try breaking off decent sized chunk to fill the bottom before you pack the rest on top, this will make it much more difficult to snap threw, also pack tighter bowls
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    It'll take a while to find one in my area, but I was gonna go ahead and try anyway
    I don't own a grinder at the moment, so I break it up with my fingers in the first place haha. But I'll try breaking it up bigger, thanks for the suggestion
  8. You either need to put a chunk of nug to plug the bowl or a well cleaned pebble. That's the cheapest and easiest ways i know of.
  9. bro bro bro bro man bro
    once you start smoking a new piece you need it to fill up a bit with res then you can easily stick a screen in there and you won't waste as much bud
  10. My bong has always done that also. Only issue I ever had with my bong was back flowing water from newer smokers.
  11. I would get a screen.  They are cheap, it saves some of your trees, especially if you notice quite a bit being pulled through, and it helps keep your piece a little bit cleaner.
    I get them at my lhs for less than a dollar.
    The german roor bowls with german screen is pretty money.  When I get home I'll take  a pic of the german screen vs the american ones.  it's hilarious how differently sized they are.
  12. It means you're pulling too hard.
    It's really a preference thing. I actually just switched from a $500 one-of-a-kind piece of glass as my daily driver to my old $200 straight tube because I missed the "pop" of snapping a bowl, something that with the high-flow scientific slides (used a DD and IP slide with it) is impossible, as the air is much hotter and will ruin you if you snap.
  13. Okay thanks for the input all, I've decided to leave it as it is, no screens to be found in any headshop in my area and it isn't all that much being pulled through.
  14. Lolwut?

    No headshop in ur area carries glass or metal mesh screens?

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  15. And apparently there are no small pebbles in his area either.  That was honestly an ingenious stoner solution that I hadn't heard before. 
    You could also go to home depot and get a screen for the faucet, it might be a little big, but just cut it down to size.  Or there is this new thing I just heard about, I think it's called online shopping.
  16. Try packing your bowl in better? This happened when I first got my new piece. The hole in the bowl was bigger than I was used to so my bowls always fell through! Start with bigger pieces and pack it in lightly with your lighter!

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