Always carry small amounts when traveling

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  1. HAVRE, Mont. (AP) – An Amtrak passenger from Minneapolis has been arrested after a search of his luggage turned up 17 pounds of marijuana, 14 pounds of marijuana-infused edibles and some hashish.
    The Tri-Agency Safe Trails Task Force says Amtrak personnel contacted authorities last week to report a passenger who smelled of marijuana.
    Agents with the task force and the U.S. Border Patrol confronted 33-year-old Mohamed Yasin Aboubaker when the train stopped in Havre on Thursday. The Havre Daily News reports authorities removed his luggage and he was allowed to continue traveling.
    Aboubaker was arrested when the train arrived in Malta, about 90 miles east of Havre. Aboubaker is jailed in Havre on $75,000 bond and faces three felony drug charges.
    Havre Police Lt. Aaron Whitmer says Aboubaker will be appointed a public defender when he makes his initial court appearance.

  2. 17 pounds!  I would expect to get caught if I was smuggling that much.
  3. Am I reading this right in thinking they weighed his edibles and charged him for the amount of herb that would have been?
    you are reading it wrong.
    17 - herb
    14 - eddies
    some - hash
  5. 17 pounds.  On a train.  I wonder how many idiots sat in a circle and came up with this bullshit. HA!!!
  6. It's because his name is Mohamed
  7. I dont know but they were definitely high... Very high.

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  8. Damn!!!!! I need this guys hookups!!! Haha

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