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Always can smell weed on my dad but he wont admit. Help??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EvilEyes, May 13, 2011.

  1. Okay so everytime I go to my dads car It always smells as if someone smoked weed in it. However my dad says he is extremely against weed and just about a week ago I got off grounding for growing pot. WTF IS GOIN ON AND WHAT SHOULD I DO???
  2. Maybe your dad smokes but doesn't want you to do it or he afraid that if you know he smokes that you will start growing again thinking he won't care. Are you sure the smell is from your dad? If someone else uses the car it could be from them. Hell maybe your crazy and the car doesn't smell like weed.

  3. Light one up in front of him, the worst he can do is ground you again or ask for a hit
  4. Rat him out to the cops. Once he's busted, he won't be in denial anymore.
  5. I used to think my dad smoked as well, and while I think this post is in the wrong section there is a numerous amount of smells that smell like marijuana. For instance when my dad used to make his own margaritas the whole house reeked of it. Also some types of mint smell like it too.. Getting him on smell alone isn't a great heap of evidence
  6. U mad he won't share the wealth.
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  8. Maybe he has a secret pet skunk
  9. hahahaha. guys im pretty sure its bud. his eyes are usually really red. on night i asked him to read me something off the t.v. and i swear he was going like so slow like he couldnt comprehend it. lol
  10. haha sorry this is in wrong section. i first posted this on my phone and it wouldnt let me choose category. Secret pet skunk lol

  11. Quit trying to bust your Dad, he knows you are too young for him to smoke with and it is awkward for him to push you to get your shit togather.;):smoke:
  12. #12 EvilEyes, May 13, 2011
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    I'm not tryna bust him. Just would like him to admit he does it and be okay with me doin it. Ya know? :smoke:
  13. He's probably got the mentality do as I say and not as I do.
  14. sounds like you were tryna grow without his permission and weren't even good enough to prevent yourself from getting caught, he probably has good reasons for not being okay with you doing it

    theres a difference between smoking weed in your house/car that you paid for and smoking weed in your parents house, just stop getting caught until you live on your own then approach him about it.... or search forums for ways to prove your parents are lying to you, whichever you feel is more productive
  15. Gotcha. Thanks guys
  16. He thinks you are to young to smoke pot.

    That, and he is getting high.
  17. Get all his 70 year old cronies and Do an intervention,
  18. So how old are you anyway?
  19. There is a difference in between smoking it and growing it

    At least here. Smoking gets your weed taken away, growing gets you a long prison sentence

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