Aluminum Trash Can Grow

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  1. This is my latest idea...
    -buy three 4.5 foot tall aluminum garbage cans, putting screened drain holes in the bottom and then puttting in 4 gallons of soil.
    -installing. 2 pvc passive intakes 3 inches above the soil line (painted black and made with 2 90 degree bends to stop light reflecting )
    -installing air duct exhausts 1 inch below the point where the trash can lid rests when in place
    -light seal the lid with weather stripping
    -installing my cfl lights hanging from the inside of the trash can lid
    -installing small desk top, dollar store type fans to the inside of the cans for air circulation
    -running the exhaust ducts from all three to one airtight box containing my air filter and exhaust fan

    I am thinking this will provide an enclosed, reflective, environment contained in the planter itself.
    My drawbacks may be some plant mainenance, somewhat negated by some LST, but other than that I see no issues...
    Anyone ever seen or heard of this being done? I'd like some input prior to getting started on the project this weekend.
  2. I have never heard of anything quite like that. Please let us know how it works out and post some photos once completed.
  3. Reminds me of a Trailer Park Boys episode.

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