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Aluminum -- Not the foil

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by abrahamlinkin, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hey everybody,

    I've been hearing throughout my travels that smoking out of aluminum foil is dangerous because of certain gases that it releases. I was wondering if the same is true of aluminum cans. I'm making a wooden pipe, and it needs a metal filter (I don't know if there is some better way to do this, I'm a noob) so I was wondering how safe it would be to use aluminum.

    Thanks for the help in advanced,
    Abraham Lincoln
  2. I wouldn't push your luck. Just go out and buy a cheap glass piece.
  3. use a socket and buy a pack of screens from a headshop from 1 buck and walla! cheap ass pipe:smoke:
  4. If all you need is a metal screen, you can pick those up at your local headshop. You could prob find something to use at a hardware store as well. Good luck.
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    What this guy said.

    And yes, it does occur with aluminum cans. When aluminum is heated to a certain point it begins reacting with oxygen in the air forming Aluminum Oxide amongst other unpleasant chemicals. No tests have ever proven that burning aluminum and inhaling the products are directly related to Alzheimer's, however, there is a substantial amount of data that suggests the two are linked.

    This occurs with any type of aluminum, whether it's a can or foil or a brick of aluminum.
  6. Ok, thanks everyone! Much appreciated.
  7. Happy blazing! :hello::wave::D:smoke:
  8. aluminum is aluminum, cans are just as dangerous. Like many have suggested, pick up a cheap glass piece at your local headshop
  9. I've heard the bad part about cans is the ink they use for the label

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