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Aluminum foil?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by acidsoda, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Everyone I know uses foil at some point. My bro just used it to make a pipe yesterday. It was pretty harsh, and I was wondering if that aluminum shit is deadly or something. He says it's not cause the boiling point is however many thousand degrees, but I think it's bullshit. Any ideas?
  2. Well, you would wrap food in it. Like chicken or potatoes. You make a little bag... and pop it in the oven... at... like, 450 degrees.

    God that sounds good right now.

    Anyway, Yeah, like you cook food on it, so it's exposed to much higher temperatures for longer periods of time. You can eat off of it. You should be okay.

    ...Or is that stoner paranoia? ;) lol
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    Deadly? Probably not. Harmful? Most definitely.

    The next time you get a chance, apply a flame to a plain piece of aluminum foil and observe all the smoke that comes off. That's aluminum oxide, and can be formed at much, much lower temperatures than the boiling point of elemental aluminum (although it is high enough to not occur during household use). Aluminum might not melt at low temperatures, but it sure as hell can react with heat and oxygen to form an oxide. It has been said the inhaling aluminum oxide can lead to Alzheimer's, but this fact has been debated. I wouldn't EVER smoke out of an aluminum pipe again, though.

    Just get some papers or a shitty gas station bowl for $5.
  4. or at least use an apple :)
  5. Burning foil not only tastes like shit but has supposedly been linked to alzheimers.
    When looking at something to burn/burn in...general rule of thumb is, if you can taste it burning itself, then what you're burning in it, isn't all you're burning.
    I would never burn in foil. Ech.

  6. Apple is good.
    it is very bad for you, realising as stated by another poster aluminum oxide which has been linked to alzhimers. at the very least get a 75 cent metal bowl head/stem at ur head shop and use that for ur all ur creative needs haha its way safer for you :cool:
  8. Shit, just use an apple.

    Who doesn't have one laying around in their fridge drawer or fruit bowl somewhere?
  9. Shit, just buy glass. If you can't afford a pipe you have more problems and need to not spend money on weed

  10. !!!!!

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