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aluminum foil???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thejoeunit94, May 27, 2010.

  1. does anybody know the cleanest way to smoke out of aluminum foil or any techniques im making a gravity bong to take a few hits out of and the only bowl i have is aluminum foil... i dont use aluminum foil that often.
  2. i think you need the apprentice tokers section, its riiiight above this one.
  3. The only thing you have to worry about with foil is aluminum vapor. A regular zippo or bic lighter wont get hot enough to vaporize aluminum so you should be fine. Just dont light your bowl with a welding torch and youre OK.
  4. hahahaha

  5. there's a never ending debate about this. it stemmed from lil old ladies asking if its ok to cook with aluminum foil. the thing is, you can't vaporize aluminum, but you sure can burn it. look around the edges of one of your aluminum bowls, and half the time it'll be burnt, which means youve been inhaling something besides weed.
  6. I inhale aluminum vapors all day at my job. It makes feel really depressed and sad, but I've gotten really used to the feeling.
    Smoke away - and if you feel like I mentioned stop using aluminum foil.
  7. all the seasoned tokers use alluminum foil....... haha
  8. don't forget about aluminum's link to Alzheimer's disease.

    because of my family history, I don't even use antiperspirant because it contains aluminum. good 'ol old spice red zone does just well enough for me.
  9. Just want to add that a regular lighter is hot enough to burn through it. It seems like it takes a long time if you're just testing it, but it goes much quicker when you're getting stoned and not realizing how hot the bowl is and how long your lighter is on it.

    Not saying I wouldn't do it in a pinch, but I'd rather use a socket if I didn't have a bowl.

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