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Aluminum foil screens bad?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by RealCaveman, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering if its safe to use them...I ran outta metel screens. I already been using them for the past week.:confused:
  2. id stop a pack of screens is 1$ at a headshop. No reason for foil..

    or get a glass screen.:smoking:
  3. they are extremely bad if you light it you will see that smoke comes off of it so your also smoking deadly gases when you do that stop and go buy yourself some screens or a narrowing bowl
  4. Seriously inhaling the gases from burning aluminum foil is extremely toxic and very dangerous. Have some respect for your body and don't do it
  5. Just get some more screens, really.

    You can buy big boxes off here for real cheap, so you are much less likley to run out to soon.
  6. Extremely bad. Burning foil is awful for you lungs. It's extremely unhealthy to use foil in any form or way to smoke your bud. DON'T DO IT!

    Drop some money, mainly for HEALTH reasons and get a bowl and screen.
  7. it seems to be accepted knowledge that using aluminum foil is bad, and I'm not refuting that. I am curious though what gasses are emitted when you burn it. I just want to look into the full effects. I guess I'll work on it after class...
  8. if u cant get more screen rite now and u dont want to use tin foil go grab a pebble, thats what i do.
  9. hardware stores have the screens you need. so does walmart. i would never result to foil. just stick some stems in the hole of your bowl and you will be fine.
  10. I also want to hear what exactly is emitted that is toxic. I understand that it is generally accepted that smoking with aluminum foil is in some way bad for you, but I have never heard anything besides "idk, that's just what I've heard"
  11. [​IMG]

    for your health!!
  12. Aluminum Foil Bowl | Psychoactivation

    According to this article, they are saying that the only way smoking with aluminum foil can harm you, is if you heat it up to the melting point. I am in no way saying this is true, but its better to know both sides of the story than just hating on aluminum all the time.
  13. I don't use foil but does anyone have any actual proof that foil is bad for you? I've only ever seen people just post and say its the worst thing ever. Cause when people make things like firecrackers or other foods you can use foil in your oven. So i'm pretty sure foil can withstand extreme heat conditions without failing and i doubt a lighter making contact with it for like the 3 seconds you use it to light the bowl is really that bad for you.

    So does anyone have any links to actual proof that foil making contact with the flame of a lighter for extremely short periods of time is bad for you?
  14. well using it in a bong your not lighting it for only 3 seconds unless your taking weak tokes but when the fire is on it it burns it there is a diffrence from putting it in a 300 degree oven and a 1300degree fire lol
  15. Anyone who knows any amount of chemistry knows that igniting a sheet of aluminum foil for a couple seconds to light a bowl would barely put a dent in the overall structure.

    Meaning, unless you're torching the fuck out of the foil with extreme temps, your bic lighter isn't going to do much.
  16. your thinking of aluminum there is a diffrence between that and the foil the foil structure is alot weaker than pure aluminum
  17. I usually don't like to torch my weed 3 seconds is usually more then enough to get a really strong cherry going.

    My oven can get up to around 550 and i was just using it as an example because when using the oven the foil would be exposed to lots of heat for very long periods of time. (20-30 minutes)

    Regardless according to that article Aluminum Foil does not release harmful fumes unless it is heated above 4566 F and no lighter is going to do that.
  18. ya people sometimes claim that this thing is BS cause aluminium doesnt melt until some crazy high temp, so how is it going to burn. welll its simple, with heat in the burning bud range it forms aluminum oxide which is very bad for you and your lungs. plus there are a bunch of other chemicals in small amounts on the foil.

    if you dont believe me throw a soda can in a camp fire and see what happens. it wont take long before the metal becomes thinner and pock marked with mini holes.
  19. Do you have any proof that it creates aluminum oxide?

    I guess im basing most of my argument on that article but i have never seen another article on the subject before. But according to that they used Reynolds aluminum foil and that did not have any other harmful chemicals in it.

    Soda cans are made with more then just aluminum and also you cant really compare a bic lighter to a blazing camp fire. And when you use a lighter you aren't holding it on the bowl for hardly any time at all.
  20. why would you even take the risk? if you can taste it then its burning and that is a scientific fact!

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