Alternatives for Increasing CO2

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by farmerted, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I'm wanting to hear what other growers are doing to increase their CO2 in their grow rooms. I'm especially interested in hearing about alternatives to using the tanks. I've read about some people making big batches of compost tea and having it in the grow room and read some information about the hanging pads. What's the skinny?
  2. I brew 5 gallon batches of beer in my closet also, which releases lots of CO2 out the airlock, giving my vegging girls lots of it. It's funny cause I put trim in my beer when I'm brewing it so the beer feeds my plants, which in turn feeds my beer. The plants love it, and I love my weed beer, win win win.
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  3. I use carbonated water (club soda is fine) in a spray bottle and mist the grow area. The CO2 in the water dissipates in the air and raises the CO2 levels. I heard about this from a (popular) cannabis grower on YouTube.

    I personally have one of those Soda Streams in the kitchen to make your own soda. They use a food grade CO2 container, so I carbonate my own RO water and then spray.

  4. weird but true, just breathing and having a convo around your plant will increase co2 lvls, i think we we breathe out about 5% CO2 or 25ml with an average of 13,000 breaths a day. strange but true lmao
  5. interesting. and EASY. When you say "mist the grow area" what do you mean? Do you mist the foliage, or just kinda in the vacinity of the plants? i worried about lack of CO2 through my entire first grow, so i made sure to talk to them a lot, breathing heavily, saying dirty things to them i also would smoke near them too. exhaling on each one. not sure if that helped or not, but whatever.
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  6. Dry ice, vinegar and baking soda volcano, talking, or just have one of your intakes be someplace where people are. Us = c02
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  7. The reason tanks are popular is because it's much easier to do once you've got a setup.

    If you got into brewing beer though, you can definitely use that CO2 for your plants.
  8. champaign yeast or beer yeast with water and sugar builds up in a 2 liter great

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