alternative to HLG's quantom boards... the supplier!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by reod12x2, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. Bought 2 800's, if those pan out to be legit i'll most likely order another 3 800's
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  2. Ordered a Folite-240-H 304 board with Samsung LM301B last friday and it shipped within 5 days from China to Europe. Even with the shipping costs, it was still a great deal. Customer service was, considering it's alibaba, spot on and after carefully unpacking and examining the kit, I can vow it's the real deal.
    Kit came with a dimming function and remote control, which is actually very nice. It now lights up my 4x4 tent together with the official HLG 260 V2 qb.
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    My new boards are in! About 3.5 by 34 inches long, 2mm thick. You see two side by side in picture. LM301B leds in 3500K
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  4. Guys... I had to double up on my lighting due to inconsistent lighting throughout my tents. I will try to get some time to measure the light readings a little later on, but I did get some disappointing results last time due to too much light directly underneath the board yet not enough when moving away from the board.
    I'm thinking of ordering some light strips for each side to supplement. Right now I have 2x800 boards in one tent... which is too much, but I have them turned down to ~25%.
    The lighting is much more consistent with more boards. Great, now I sound like a shill, lol.
  5. I have to agree. I like the spread of light with 2 boards at 50% compared to just 1 at 100%. Ran with one driver.

    I believe you get more light in addition to spread because of the way efficiency works with the leds.
  6. Why do you say 2 is too much?
  7. Why do you say 2 is too much?
    cuz I see one 800 in the middle and two 4' strips along the edges. The two 800s barely fit in the tent, and cannot accommodate a gap between both boards. Because of this the center area still has increased lumens. It would be better to just have a couple strips on either side I think. I wonder if I could hook them all off the 320 driver, 2x4foot strips + 800 board in the middle...
  8. Unlikely those 4ft strips can run at 100 watts depending which ones you go for, the 800 boards are rated at 300 watts. You may run those strips, but at very low wattage, so you wont be getting the full potential of them.

    When you say barely fit in, you mean your grow space could not accommodate the two 800's together?
  9. I would have most likely gone with HLG, if their sales people bothered to reply to emails.
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  10. They fit, but not enough to separate the two boards. The boards should be maybe 3-5 inches apart.
  11. What is the depth of your tent 120cm?
  12. Its a 2x4 tent.

    Another reason for not having 2 boards in one tent: those boards are crazy powerful, and running them at 30% seems really wasteful. I would rather have each 800 board in its own 2x4 tent. It just needed a little supplementation is all.

    To the supplier: build me a PCB board that fits entirely in the tent!
  13. Nice to know I'm not the only one getting the cold shoulder. I guess when your chasing the big fish you don't bother with the little guys.
  14. Yeah basically happens with all companies
  15. Haha and here I am planning on putting 6 800's in my tent :lmafoe:
  16. How big is your tent Greenblunt?
  17. Greenblunts gotta have a 4x8 tent
  18. greenblunt, six of them would fit nice. But two in a 2x4 is overkill. That would be like 8 in your tent :eek:
    The lights are performing nicely, what temperature did you order?

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