Alternative to Family Life?

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  1. What would be your ideal life? Any out there not so appealed by the idea of having a family? Yeah, me too. It seems like all society is centered around leading a life as such.:mad: But to me, it doesn't seem like enough. I don't feel like I want to settle down and whore much life away with work. We don't know how amazing of an opportunity we have while being life and it seems that we readily throw what could he extensive, wild, and open experiences for something so damn customary and boring. What a thrill it is to be alive! What phenomenal lives we could live but don't! And we trade it all away just for sheer comfort and security. How pathetic! So, given the chance, what would you do with your life that would make life AWESOME?

    Personally, is like to cast away social life and lead a monastic one. The greatest treasures lie within and there is so much to be understood(like what is reality?). it would feel like a waste to not seize the opportunity and fill my life with pretty useless distractions that give you nothing in the end. Let me hear your voice GC! Not much time left to live!

    Carpet diem
  2. If I could have any life that I so pleased I'd want to be a Russian mercenary or something crazy like that.
  3. travel the world, winning the war on drugs 1 joint at a time.
  4. Male Gigolo(fine hoes only)/Assassin/College Professor
    with a MMJ card
  5. Right now I'm not keen on the idea of having a family. I'm not sure I am ever going to be responsible enough, smart enough, or fully capable of raising kids/taking care of a family. So unless I one am capable of doing it and doing a good job one day, I won't.
  6. The world has enough parentless kids. That problem needs to be addressed before following the sheep and creating a family; especially to the countless of people who reproduce and don't have the financials to provide for the child.
  7. Yeah I don't myself settling down nor do I care too, I want to enjoy life as much as possible. Travel the world, Open a World Music radio station, Have a MMJ card and try different strains or maybe travel to Amsterdam for the total experience as well checking out the culture.
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    I don't know, my father skipped when I was 11, and by 15 my mom was to far gone, by 18 my older brother was doing 25 years in prison, at 21 my little brother hit prison. A normal family and life sounds pretty good to me right now. It was just me and my dog for far to long, an alternative to family life is a nice thought for those who have a family for those of us who don't it is the nightmare we live.
  9. threads like this makes me smile :)
    i feel like this cultural obsession with family life is going to make my gag refleks do a rain dance very soon.

    i want to tune in and drop out. that is my primary focus at the moment.

    i wish to end the excessive inner chatter, better myself for the good of the collective, and get on the road - family or not, the rest is simply details.
  10. You know what, more power to you guys, I hope you do go out and live your dreams.

    Me, I knew I wanted a family from a young age. And now I have one. And it's pretty cool.

    For me.

    Not for everyone, I know. But my wife and I are very happy raising our daughter and living in the big city. I know it's not everyone's dream or goal, but it was mine. So yeah, go out and live your dreams guys, don't let anyone stop you.
  11. Dying alone sucks yo.

  12. No one can die for you, you know. We're all going to die, why lie now?
    Live life the way you want and stop pretending it be any other way.
    The deeper you face it, the more prepared you'll be.

  13. Everyone dies alone.
  14. I'm don't really want kids and all that right now, but maybe when I'm older, like in my 30s, I'll be more willing to get married and have kids and all that. To me, family is awesome, they are always there and they always love you.

  15. every day could be my last

    not even the next moment is certain

    let each man rage against his fate!
  16. I literally did that. I dumped my girl I threw away my phone deleted all social networks and tried to find out the answer to all.

    Want to know what happened? I went fucking insane, I literally question and am scared that this right now is not reality because I have seen, experienced and researched so much and there is so many endless possibilites. I have no friends no money no car no house panic attacks and addictions I can't mention on here which stemed from the panic attacks. Which started after an epiphany that made my life a paradox. Now all I want is a tiny little house and a vegetable garden were I can live out my days in peace because the other side may be much worse.

    Once you go down the rabbit hole there is no coming back be sure you want these answers. I sound insane but you will understand if you take the journey all the way.
  17. My perfect life. Well it's simple. I want to make enough money to live in a decent house (i'm not asking for something grand, just in a decent neighborhood) with like 2 dogs and my husband. No kids. I want to continue my life smoking marijuana with my husband.

    I will get plenty of satisfaction from my work as a teacher. I like to know that children who don't have parents they could talk to could easily reach out to me. I had so many teachers i love to death and I hope it's the same way when i am in that role. That'll make me happy.

    but when I get old there will be problems being alone. But thats when i buy more doggies.
  18. i knew i wasn't going to be a family guy from a young age. me and my parents are polar opposites from each other. actually i'm a polar opposite from my entire family (which is really really small) from what i know. i don't have much family and i barely ever see them which doesn't help and my cousins are 3 and 4 now so i've never had like a buddy in the family so to speak.

    i was always a quiet kid so i never said much to my family which didn't help. then i would get in trouble! my mom would yell and punish me when i wouldn't talk a lot which in turn led to me being more quiet. i could never think of things to say and they would take about things i had no idea or interest in such as politics, football, etc.

    i know they all love me but i know it's just because i'm family. they don't even know who i am. no one really does.

    i've been a loner all my life. i was really fat as a kid and up until my freshman year i was what i would consider obese. i was always getting bullied at school and at the day care after school i had to go to. many times my mom would pick me up and i'd be crying.

    i don't remember most of middle school and probly because i never did anything. i never went to partys, never inv anywhere, i started to create my own world. i remember in the morning in middle school everyone talking to everyone before classes started and i would just sit in my seat with no one just people watching. just thinking of what me and my friends would be talking about had i had any. how much fun we would be having. or how great it would be to talk to any of the beautiful girls in my classes.


    i want to leave but honestly i'm scared of being alone and going crazy. my parents sent me to a crazy hospital once. they told me i had a problem and that they were sending me there to get there old son back. i still haven't forgave them for this and would probly still be worried about it if i wasn't 18 and they legally can't anyone. now i'm scared of going out alone and having to go back. but it's not strong enough fear to stop me, it's more just in the back of my mind from time to time.

    i want to take a friend or two and get a place but i know i want to live a very different path then people i've met so far. i want to play music, i want to tour, i want to travel, i want to follow where ever music takes me. i'm not worried about taking risks and risking it all on what could be. everyone is worried about failing and i figure if i fail i fail at least i'll have some kick ass memories.

    i just feel different from everyone. everyone asks me what i'm going to do if i don't get famous. what my plan B is going to be. i don't see why not being famous would make me stop and have no plan B if you could even say i have a plan A. the way i see it worst comes to worst i'm the next buddy guy (not international fame i just mean being able to get steady and good paying gigs and stuff) who didn't get famous till he was around 60. the more time i spend not being noticed the better i'll be when i am right?

    i have panic attacks about my future sometimes when i'm alone and high.. like really high haha.. just thinking negatively. i'm constantly comparing myself to my idols like jimi hendrix, john mayer, clapton, all the greats and i just think how can i do it, how can i get that good. how can little ol me do that. i'm worried that i won't make it i'll just be another wash up who wasted most of his life practicing guitar. but i don't want to not even try just because the possibility of failure is there. i don't want to look back in 20 years when i'm at a desk thinking "what if's."

    i'm not sure what kind of life i really want. i don't want an easy life and everything to fall into place perfectly right off the bat, i want to work to get really the only thing in life i have ever really wanted. but i also don't want a struggle for my whole life specifically financially although if i live pay check to pay check for ever i won't mind that much as long as i'm playing music.


    i know someday i will leave and go for it and it might even be soon (getting kicked out of my rents house again on the 1st of dec or right after new years tryna let them let me stay till after new years). i have some plans to get a apparent with a buddy but i'm not sure i want to. i don't want keep a steady job, doing the same thing every day, it just bores me. i mean if that's what i have to do to pay the bills believe me i'll work a 9-5 i just know i don't want to for the rest of my life.

    i already know music options where we'll be living will be very small and that's the biggest thing in my life. i'm not worried about making money (which everyone thinks i just want to be famous, which i wouldn't mind, but is not what i'm going for) or having a nice house and perfect family. i would be happy living in a small 1 or 2 bedroom apparent by myself or with a buddy/girl just paying the rent and food off music.

    i just want to help and touch people like other peoples music have helped and touched me. i remember one night when i was 16 or so and i was deep into pills and was really depressed. i remember just coming to the conclusion that i was going to slit my wrists right there and kill myself. as i was looking for my knife "jumper" by third eye blind came on, on itunes. it literally saved my life. instead i broke down and cried for hours until i feel asleep.

    if my music could touch one person like i have been touched by countless song and artists it would all be worth it. no matter what happens or what i have to go through to get my songs out if i could help just one person it would all be worth it.

    wow i didn't expect to write all that lol. been up for like 50 hrs and i just rambled for who knows how long:cool:
  19. Because making a family is totally conformist
  20. I don't even know if I could handle having a wife. Being married would have its benefits (sexually and non-sexually) but being chained to another person whom you have to be careful not to complete shatter their love for you would be tough. Plus every dude seems to get whipped by the wife eventually.

    I have mixed feelings about have kids also. Kids can be fun sometimes and it would be cool to teach them and help them develop but having kids completely takes over your life. If I lived the way my one sister does I don't even know if I would want to live at all. She has very little free time.

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