Alternative to CO2 tanks?

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  1. Are there any alternatives to CO2 tanks that are effective?  

  2. Dry ice?

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    None known. For CO2 to be effective the CO2 level must be raised but most, most importantly the level must be maintained at the elevated level for the duration of the day cycle. It is also important to note that photosynthesis can be expressed as a mathmatical equation and the process stops when the least available variable (of those variables that comprise the equation) is minimized. IOW you will need as much PAR light available as there is CO2 available in order to maximize photosynthesis. For example, CO2 enhancing a 400W, single lamp grow is probably not good money spent. However, if you CO2 enhance a grow with several 1000W lamps it probably begins to make a difference.
    The variables are PAR light, carbon dioxide, water, glucose, oxygen, (and their different chemical compositions - five variables). So even if you had 1500ppm of CO2 but you lacked PAR light energy or water or glucose or oxygen, photosynthesis stops when the least available and necessary variable is minimized.
    EDIT: Buzzwell no disrespect intended. IDK that dry ice doesn't help some but I do know that when using CO2 enhancement the CO2 levels must be raised, held, and maintained over many hours of lights-on day time in order to be cost effective. Money. At the end of the discussion it always comes down to money best spent to get the most bang for the buck.
  4. My girlfriends caregiver uses some co2 mushroom spore bags called exhale. I can't say they are effective but he uses them.

    For CO2 to be effective, the room must be sealed- no venting in or out.  Otherwise you just suck all your CO2 out through your exhaust, and will never be able to maintain the PPMs required to see a difference.
  6. [quote name="jhenson" post="19455773" timestamp="1391397868"]Are there any alternatives to CO2 tanks that are effective? [/quote]Good ventilation and air exchange.CO2 enrichment is only effective after all other aspects of the grow are dialed in. You could incorporate brewing beer and direct the CO2 from it to the grow. It would be interesting to calculate how much it would take to enrich a small flower chamber.hmm..... old Hippies Organic Garden.
  7. No venting at all?  Wouldn't the air get stale if you didn't vent?
    Define 'stale'?
  9. Possuum pretty much nailed it.
    If you are running less than 3-4 1k lights and are really dialed in, you would be much better served with improving your air exchange. Much cheaper also.
  10. Haven't I seen CO2 generators that use propane, with the tiny flame generating the resulting CO2?

    Yup, my buddy on west coast does this...... not my first choice as an environmentalist, but.... que sera
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    you can setup a controller to vent periodically to control humidity.
    but yeah basically the room needs to be sealed, the only air flowing would be from the outside through the light hood/filter and out of the room.
    but if you vent constantly you'll lower temps and PPM which both defeat the purpose..
    the air isn't stale because you have 1500 PPM of co2 in there..
  13. Ok, so CO2 tanks are pretty essential.  If I sealed the room really well, could I skip getting fancy regulators, and have the CO2 flow freely in the room?  
  14. CO2 is definitely not essential.  Not even close.  The vast majority of growers do not use it.
    You could skip getting a regulator..... but then your CO2 will run constantly.  That not only means that some is being wasted (because it's on when the PPMs are already in the optimal zone), but that the concentration could reach levels that might be dangerous to you when you enter the room.  It's worth your money, if you're going to run CO2, to get a regulator.
    No, CO2 tanks are NOT essential, far from it. Quit reading/listening to internet 'experts' that tell you CO2 enrichment is essential. Good air exchange is.
    Consider that outdoor plants get no more than is in the air around them and they do just fine.
    Get a few years experience indoors and then consider CO2. I'll bet you don't even consider it.
    Some of the finest smoko ever cultivated was done so without CO2 enrichment. This is esp true unless one has a hyper-grow setup growing on. I agree 100% with wet that atmospheric air is sufficient (operative word) for growing normal, healthy plants, yielding sufficient medicine to make the whole effort worthwhile. Constant air exchange is both sufficient and efficient IME. One can't have enough fresh air exchange and constant air movement. CO2 enrichment is a serious tool and only the maximum benefit will be achieved unless all of the Big Six things all grows must have in place are optimized and syncronized.
    Just thinkin'   :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin: ... :smoking:
    like the others said.. not essential at all.
    i ran a sealed co2 room for a few runs, and there was minimal difference if any at all..
    and the hassle of having to source tanks, buying regulators and a fancy controller is not worth it in my opinion.. plus you have to run your room pretty hot which sucks.
    i didn't want you to think my other reply was suggesting that i thought it was essential..
    Ok, so if I did get the Big Six optimized, what benefit would CO2 provide?
  19. I really don't know man... :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin: ... I'm just a theorist trying to paint pictures, connect dots. Perhaps another shall offer an answer to your question. :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin: ... Anyone ? :smoking:
    As one that has tried co2 enrichment and moved on my best advice to you is to just try it and get it out of your system. You've had some great advice form some of GCO's brightest, and it seems that you are determined to give it a go anyway.
    That is how one learns and in the long run, trial and error is the best teacher. I do recommend a controller and I also recommend exhausting the room at least once a day to prevent the buildup of ethylene gas.
    IME, the additional cost of filling co2 tanks didn't significantly increase my yield enough to warrant the expense, but hey, I grow for my wife's meds and am not a cash cropper.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.

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