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  1. So for those who are familiar, my dad was in hospital a while back with some memory loss, neuro had done its job, and dads in the clear on that front but here's the rub:

    My dad is on workers comp for an injury, when he gets cleared by the specialist he is getting made redundant, this whole saga of him being on hospital is due to stress and anxiety due to his impending retirement, and our doctor gave him 2 recommendations:

    1) addictive anti-anxiety pills or
    2) herbal remedies.

    Now I know what your thinking, but I'm going to assume the doc meant herbs other then Kush but I have no doubt that weed could potentially helpful herb in his life but he is dead against it and pushing it won't win me any favors.

    I need some help, has anyone had a similar story where bud has helped or any advice on how to talk about this.

    I'm tempted to ask my dad to talk to the doctor about him using MJ, but we don't have medicinal marijuana here.

    What frustrates me is that if we had moved to the USA, he could of been recommended Medical weed depending of course where we live.
    Fuck this is so frustrating not being able to help my dad, yesterday he broke down in the kitchen.

    Any advice?
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    Whats up bro,
    That doctor sounded like he may have been talking about herb? What country are you from btw just curious?
    To be honest, if you feel like your father would get addicted to prescription pills I would definitely get him high. I've been considering it for my mom for the LONGEST time. Shes so fucking stressed out and just on edge at all times. I know it sounds kinda fucked to just poison your dad with weed, but look at it this way. Its for his own good(if he likes it), and your only doing it because you care for his health and if hes happy ect.. 
    Unless he has a specific hatred towards marijuana like my mother, im kindaa thinkin that he would maybe open his mind a bit more. Even if he hated it though he could just change his mind.
    Idk that's my honest opinion. Just make sure you don't get him BAKED..just get him on a nice lil fade of some indica. make some medical cookies and give him one. Or you can make a tincture to put into his water or whatever. Theres a bunch of ways to do it If you need ideas I gotchu.
    That is probably not the best advice to give but in my opinion I would consider it. Only do it if you feel like it's the right thing to do brotha.  
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  3. I'm in Australia mate.

    The doc might have meant cannabis but as a medical professional I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    There are other herbal supplements that could be of benefit but nothing as instant, guaranteed and documented like bud.

    My dad hates weed because "it's illegal and I'll (my dad) get arrested"

    I will not spike my dad with bud, I will give him an option and let him make his choices but I refuse to drug him against his will, it's completely unethical.

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