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  1. Id like to learn what you guys do that could be considered "unique" to help your plants.

    Ill start with one - i poke holes deep into the soil all around the roots to loosen it up. It gets the roots more oxygen and drains bettter. You guys may already do this but its something i learned on my own.
  2. I squeeze my stems all over,it gives you knuckles on the stem and bigger buds.€
  3. Oh yeah i forgot about that one, im defintly gonna try it.
    Heres another one i forgot to mention- Im using a 70 watt hps, (along with some cfls.) and the hps can get really close without burning the plants so im growing the plant up around the bulb.
  4. you can just use H2O2 for getting oxygen to the roots

    even just buy the normal hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle and pour it directly out of the bottle into the plant or clones in rock wool cubes - it really keeps alge from growing on the tops of cubes if you use those

    I dont like the smashing or supercropping of plants, I prefer to either top/fim and lst (low stress train) them

    you should know that all strains are different and many methods that work great with one wont work well with other strains at all so really its sorta strain specific but if you keep a look out for future posts of mine I have been making detailed pictures from early clone to complete flower for la confidential and how I train the plant to get it the way it should be to get nearly 1.8lbs per 1000watt hps with 4 per light
  5. damn i hope that grow goes well! Ive defintely learned that supercropping is great for outdoors, but i prefer lst inside. Topping or fimming indoor and out
  6. I only foiler feed my plants...comes from to many nute poisoning episodes I got 3-4 hand spray bottles in the grow room with different percentages of kelp feed to water ratios, the plus is..I can reuse the soil, and I have an mp3 player playing Mozart, I'm told the plants love it, the vibes annoy any bugs...lotsa small things like that

  7. Its not really unique but i love talking to them, its quite soothing! :D
  8. actually women do a better job at it

    Women's voices 'make plants grow faster' finds Royal Horticultural Society - Telegraph

    I actually remember when I was in Cali there was someone who was convinced that it was better to have females grow the plants and talk to them and to never allow a male in the room - he said its because the plants relate to the females better but then I saw this article and I was like, well shit man
  9. Doesn't that kill beneficials in the root zone? For plants I plan to grow big in the ground I dig some holes 1.5 - 2 feet deep (2-3 to each) centered around the plant and bury one end of a perforated tube down in each hole, with the other end exposed. Don't know how well it works, but it doesn't seem to affect the plants negatively and it takes only a few extra minutes a plant when transplanting.
  10. it could do that because its been granted 510(k) clearance by the FDA to be used to clean parts of medical devices when assembling them, and also to sterilize cabinets and such which means its going to sterilize everything but that is in higher then 3% concentrations which is what the brown bottle ones are - not sure what the exact percentages are but its probably over 36% since thats about the highest you can get as far as I know without a permit but its "food grade" and has to be kept in the fridge so its expensive, there is the 29% stuff thats sold and even that will burn your skin if you get it on you so that should be good enough to clean with

    I have not had any problems doing this and its something that my mom even said she was told by her mom when she was younger as something to put into the house plants to keep slime (or algae) from growing on top of the plants but it never caused any problems to the plants and she said they never gave them anything other then sink water never and fertilizer

  11. This does make a difference. The amount of Co2 can raise from 300-400 ppm to 4,000 ppm just by talking or having a few friends over and having a conversation in the room.

    I measured this with a meter.
  12. recstoner, how big of a grow area was it? I have noticed that working out in a room that is about 250-300sqft does about the same, but I can't keep that up all day. Any info you have would be appreciated.
  13. Has anyone used aloe vera, yucca extract, or blue agave? i have heard its for the same purpose as molasses but way better. Im thinking of getting some yucca extract to use with my flowering ferts.
  14. We all talk to our plants, we'll have some people over and we give the plants love and also play music for them. They seem happier when we are around, according to the meter, the Co2 content goes from 400PPM to 3,000PPM, so they are happy.
  15. There is a post from the last few days, pretty sure it was this site talking about Aloe. I believe it claims to have a more diverse range of carbs. I'm thinking of trying it when my mollassas runs out. If I find it again I'll post it.

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