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Alternate to Rockwool Cubes?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by rusty577, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Just a quick question. I don't have access to rockwool cubes to start my seeds in. Could I germinate them using the paper towel method then move them into some yellow foam dish washing sponge cut into cubes with the root facing down?. Id then sit them in my pots surrounded by hydroton.

    Ill be using a dwc setup in a tub.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Ive named and started germinating some nice seeds I was given. My room/equipment is ready and clean. Just need to know if I can put my seeds into a square of sponge after its taproot is 1/2" long?

    Hydroton will be in the bottom and around the cube of foa/sponge. Maybe a little over the top?

  3. No, you do NOT want to use a sponge!!

    If anything, you can use "Sure To Grow" as an alternative to rockwool..

    Yes, the paper towel method works great and that is the ONLY way I germinate my seeds.. After you get a nice size tap root, put into the Sure To Grow cube tap root down...

    Personally on mine, after cracking the seed, I put them in a small cup of household potting soil, until they are a week old, or the first full set of serrated blade leaves have formed, and it is starting on it's second set.. Then I remove the plant out of the cup, tap off as much soil as I can without beating the roots to death, and than right into the hydroton...

  4. You do have access, the Interwebs should yeild several, if not many many more, quality retailers that can get you any grow medium in as fast as you are willing to pay for:D

    With all the options for payment these days with pre-paid gift/credit cards, and Discount Hydroponics, even takes Western Union:D

    Get out there google, or search engin of choice, 'roockwool'. Get what you need, then start a journal:hello:

    Peace and happy grow
  5. Thanks for your reply. I do realise I could order from the net. Just wanted a answer to my original question. I have googled for hours/days learning about this hobby Not just got on here and asked a bunch of silly questions on the hole subject without any prier searching done. I have setup and designed my dwc system, lighting system and ventilation system from info on google and here.

    I also googled using sponge to start seeds and only found one thread with mixed opinions.

    As much as I would love to make a online journal, But I'm in Australia and cultivation is illegal. Would it be safe uploading pics/information. ?

    Just thought Id ask the experts the few questions Im having trouble answering.
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    Thanks for the tips mate. Im starting to like the idea of planting in potting mix until there a week old. Would save waiting for rockwool cubes to arrive. Moving the plant from the dirt wouldn't shock it? Also do they stand up ok in only hydroton?

    Checked seeds after 8Hours, Nothing yet
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    Yes, I'm sure there is somewhat of a shock to them, but nothing which I have seen that stunts their growth for days and I usually notice new growth within 24hrs of replanting into the hydroton..

    When I replant into the hydroton, I usually plant them just about up to their neck... Meaning, usually (strain dependent though) you get an inch or two before the seed cracker leaves (rounded leaves), and when I replant them, I put them so there is only like maybe 1/2" between the seed crackers and hydroton...

    Yes, they stand up fine, just do not push down on the hydroton to smash their little stems... I have been using the same hydroton for years, and I have a bucket of the smaller stones off to the side, which I use to put around the seedlings, or clones...

    Again depending on strain used, some seeds can take up to 3 days to crack.. I usually use a saucer paper towel, and put another saucer on top so no light gets to them (or very little anyway).. Then I set it on top of my PC case, which is a little warm to the touch.. Some people put them on top of their cable box, but mine gets real hot, so I don't want to cook them...
  8. Ok... Thanks for the info.

    Ive got mine between two layers of paper towel in a dark place moistened with fish tank water thats ph around 5.5 - 6 and sitting it ontop of my fish tank its a little warm from the water temp.

  9. WOW, you bring up a GREAT point I never thought about...
    The PH!! :confused:

    I have always cracked my seeds with 6.8, figuring 7 is neutral..
    After 15yrs I NEVER thought about the PH to crack a seed.. :rolleyes:

    See, you learn something everyday!!
    Now I have to do some research!! LMFAO.. :cool:
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    Im almost positive, excuse me I am positive that you wouldn't be the first or last person to post from a place where growing is illegal. I wouldnt worry too much about posting unless ur going to show us ur gigantic weed factory (not recommended!)
  11. I'm starting 4 ladies for personal supply and for something as a hobby.... I might start a Online journal. I'm keeping one in a note pad. I might get a few pics when the plants are in the system.

    Its been 22Hours since I put the seeds into germination and "Grace" has cracked open a little yippy. I ended up ordering rockwool cubes off ebay just hope there here in time for them if not will use the potting mix method.

    I'm using Optimum Grow but Ive been reading not to feed until after the first week of growth. I'm thinking of making a 50% mix for the first week then going to normal mix after that.
  12. Nice, we never stop learning thats for sure.... :D They seem to be going well.
  13. Yeah I'm in the same boat mate. No Rockwool Cubes where I'm from, or anything else the US guys take for granted for that matter. Including hydroton and GH nutes. I just improvise as best I can. Paper towels, little cups of soil and straight into the medium, like Jakester says.
  14. Ill let you guys know how I go. The ebay guys telling me I wont see the rockwool cubes till Monday and its Wednesday night now. :rolleyes:
  15. Easy on us "US guys"...many of the quality Hydro products coume out of ...drumroll...EU:hello:
    Say for instance..Hydroton..its a German product...

    Hehe just being an ass really. I dig on the issue of finding supplies. My final verdict on that is mayhap you should consider dirt farming. The supplies needed for dirt farming tend to be easier to find:D
  16. Lol yeah you're right man. Apologies.
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    You can grow your germinated seeds in plugs filled with coco, like the little 4pac starter plants in the garden centers or small containers with drainage. This will not cause any problems transplanting into hydrotron or other hydro media. These same plugs can also be used for transplants into soil media growing.

    If using soil grown plugs you should let the transplant get several nodes of healthy leaves, then put the soil plug into a bucket with bubbling water from an air pump, and agatiate and bubble until the soil separates from the roots then plant the bare root plant into the hydro media. This will keep soil particles from generating unwanted bacteria.

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    Nice tip on bubbling the soil away with a seperate bucket with airstone I wondered about bacteria transferring. Will use that cheers.

    I Have 3 seeds germinated and in cups of seed starter under 2x36w 4ft fluro

    Have 3 more seeds almost finished germinating. That I will put it cups of seed starter tomorrow or rock wool cubes if I get them in time.

    I'm using a 75L tub with 4 pots with another 75L res. I originally only planed to germinate 4 seeds but thought Id put an extra plan in two of the pots 2 veg in case I get a few males.

    I was thinking last night if I were to get males. Id cut them off and remove them from the room but what about the root system left behind wont this rot and create problems?

    When I switch to flower Ill be using 400w HPS lamp supplemented with CFL's. I'm guessing it should be enough for 4 maybe 5 plants? Looking to veg to 2 foot then switching over.

  19. The male cut offs shouldn't die, they are kind of like trees (in a way), if you cut down a tree the stump will not die unless you give it no way to possibility grow...

    I have seen growers that will cut the males out and if they cannot remove the root system as well, they will leave a few fan leaves on the plant, watching it and pinching off any newly forming flowers.. That way it doesn't completely die out..

    Never done it myself, just what I read a few growers doing... ;)
  20. Thanks for the tip jakesterjammin

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