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  1. I would like to use an old 100w (max) computer power supply to power a few computer fans I have in a growing operation. This apparently isn't the method that most use, but it is the method I would prefer to use because I already have everything I need so it would cut down on costs. My question is: How do I modify the power supply to power the fans when it is plugged in? As of now it won't work because normally the power supply connects to the motherboard of a computer, requiring you to turn on the computer. So how can I make it supply the power as soon as it is plugged in, or alternatively, integrate a toggle switch to turn it on? I know that some power supplies actually have a switch on them so it can be done, but unfortunately the one I have does not.
  2. you're going to have to short out one of the pins that connect to the motherboard so that the power supply thinks it has a connection.
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    All you need to do is take a paper clip and connect it from a black wire to a green wire on the ATX power connecter (20 or 24 pin--or the big plug if you don't know what I'm talkin about).

    Here's a vid to show you...

    [ame=""]YouTube - How to jumpstart power supply[/ame]

  4. Connect the green wire to any black wire... check out this video

    [ame=""]Jump Start your Power Supply[/ame]
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    lol... 5min late :p

    I would say that since nobody said anything about it, make sure you don't do this with the power supply plugged in!
  6. Nice! :) Exactly what I was looking for, thanks guys!
  7. thats awesome... Thanks for the youtube vids. This is perfect for my carbon scrubber box (now I don't have to run a motherboard inside of it as well)

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