alt drugs, alt highs, alternate idiots, alt friends

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. high!:)

    search. search. search.......everything.

    Did you know they have the internet on computers now?

    lol...quote, if yea GET IT.....

    I cant go on, this is it..whats next..whats the score
  2. ??...what do you mean....sorry i can't get it!....Peace out...Sid
  3. I GET IT!!!!! I just did it!

    Sid, I guess you gotta be cool like me to fully understand this post!!!! ;)

  4. I think I have a clue...hold on a bit
  5. At first I thought she was talking about newsgroups. I think there is an 'alt.drugs' :)

    I don't get it at all btw.
  6. *clueless*
  7. Oooooooh! I think I...

    nope, still don't get it
  8. I remember what I was talking about, but if I told you...
  9. Quit don't remember!!!

  10. ok then smarty pants. fill me in

    Poor ol' Okie just can't make contact with them curveballs.

  12. ...make me!
  13. i just know youll be so relaxed when I get my, soft, warm, sooothing hands rubbing all up around your neck, and shoulders right down to the small of your back, running my nails so softly back up your along your sides..when I ask you anything, honesty will overcome you as you are over come with delight you will succumb and reveal what you know about this very post...
  14. Wow, I guess you're making me tell, huh?

    Basically, it's what you said...they now have the internet on computers.
  15. easy bargain ;)
  16. Note: From personal experienced with would be helpfully to see this site/thread/post HIGH :D
  17. Well Homer Simpson said "oh they have internet on computers now" but i dunno maybe someone already said this and im high too
    oh well

  18. lol, no you're the first to get the quote! YAY! well while home has nothing to do with what I was thinking, he does say some kick ass things :)
  19. Simpsons rule, too bad I have to be pretty fuckin ripped to laugh at the new episodes tho...

  20. yeah, theyve been going down. they arent as good as the classics, but once in a while you'll get a good laugh in. after rumors of them cutting the series someone read in the paper that they were gonna stay on the air longer..should be interesting for the fans anyway :)

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