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  1. when all my bits and pieces come in the mail ill figure it out , even if it means taking 2 pictures of everypart and posting them on here and working with everyone who knows anything about HID systems to put them all together..its actually not THAT many bits... only the ballast and everything that comes with that in one package, the bulb in another, and the socket in another, and the timer in another... LOL, thx everyone in advance ;)

  2. Things I notice:

    EVERYONE makes a big deal out of making a HPS light. its not that hard. Actually anyone can do it. There are 6 parts all are important

    The first is the ballest this is what regulates the voltage in the lamp.

    The Second is a Capacitor. It connects directly to the ballest. (should be labeled where to put it)

    The Third is an ingiter it is wired between the ballest and the lamp

    The forth is a Metal electrial box (this is a must do not try to run it unprotected. (this is sold seperately) IT IS A MUST

    The fifth is a socket if you dont know what this is for dont do this.

    then the lamp itself DUH!

    there is wireing schematics at overgrow on how to wire it its easy but be careful to follow the instructions.

    have fun and save money
  3. dragoon is that a remote ballast? Make sure the timer's grounded along with everything else and that you're not running over 15 amps on a circuit.

    I'm getting a 600W HPS soon and I'll be using a MH conversion bulb in my 400W HPS system for seedlings/vegging. bongsmoker25 I hope you're still around when I try putting this fucker together!

  4. could you please define "remote ballast"? by remote do you mean separate from the whole assembly? if that, then yes, it is a remote ballast, as everything is coming separate, including the capacitator, ignitor, transistor, socket, timer, bulb, and all the necessary wiring...

    ive got a load on my hands, i cant wait till its finally all here and set up..


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