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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. Also I got in a mood to talk on the phone while smoking last night. That SELDOM happens. I opened up Big Poppa's Coffeeshop last night in my spare room. My wife said it looks too cool like its my own apartment and she feels like aguest ther. I told her that's what her home office feels like for me.

    So I try calling a few buddies who smoke ( too few and far between) an can't get any on the damn phone. No answering machines for messages (I love leaving fucked-up messages like "If I catch you messing with my wife I'll kill you" to buddies whose wife suspects he's running around) and bellsouth forwarded calls from friends who are between spouses.

    Nobody to talk to. Pissed me off.

    So I get the bright idea to come here and post my number on-line so someone here will call me. Momma caught me typing the number up and made me delete the message before I could post up, I think.

    So to make a long story fininish up. I called the flower place and had some flowers sent to a buddies house. I told them I lived a long way away and his momma was bad sick and They needed to delivery the flowers ASAP. The card said "Dude, I lost your phone #. Sorry about your Momma, gimme a call." He called me up this morning and said

    "How you know my momma was feeling bad? I knew you were smart, but not that smart."

    I said I was stoned and couldn't remeber his phone number but I did have a credit card and the teleflorists #.

  2. LOL!
    Mrs. Puff must have been PISSED when she saw you typing in your phone # :) I love it! I'm sure you would have gotten only a few odd-ball phone-calls as most people here are pretty respectful...

    And the pu-pu platters, my mom used to get mad at me for the same thing when she tried to convince us we weren't eating fried turd-balls :)
  3. How funny is that!!! I'm still giggling as I type this, cause I would have loved to have called and said "Hey Big Poppa". Better yet you should have left a buddies # and then HE would have gotten all of our calls!
    By the way, what are you all smokin up there, cause I need to get that stuff for sure.

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