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Alrite how long will it stay in my system in possession of some herb and want a bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankyshit08, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Alrite help me out no bashing on this subject of how long it will stay in my system. Alrite people I quit for 50 days now after 2 years of everyday use for a job. I passed the test so im clean now but I'm wanting full time in the future so I can't go back to daily use and don't want it in my system so I'm asking how long will one bowl stay in my system I mean 2-3 hits of low grade mids. I didn't have any problems until my girl got some and now it's here lol but I want to be clean within a week or two is this realistic??
  2. C'mon any answer to this before I just pass it up?
  3. One bowl is just gonna make you wanna smoke more. "you cant have just one."
    Hit it or quit it. Your gonna smoke that one bowl, then 30 minutes later your gonna be like ok, maybe one more wont hurt, and before you know it your faded and have blown through a whole bag. I think you already know the answer, now roll with it.
  4. I would say hit it because thats what i have done before but it sounds like you are already worried so you might not be able enjoy the high without the confidence that you will get away with it

  5. Yeah growing up sucks
  6. I do want to know though how long would let's 1,5 grams of brown smoked from a bowl last in your in system I smoked for 2+ years more close to 3 everyday Iti took my 40 days to get clean with just waiting no exercise or anything I'm 5"11 170 how long would 1.5 gram stay in my system just curious

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