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Alright, where do I start ???

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HighFoSho, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. #1 HighFoSho, Jan 17, 2014
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    Here is my dilemma;
    In a few days I will be going out for one of my epic hiking adventures. Some of the places I want to hike are on Federal land.... so even my MMC won't help me :(
    I mean, the odds of me getting caught with a J, are very slim..... but why ef around ?
    Ya' see, I have plenty of dank ass buds right now, so I could totally make some sort of edibles, to eat, right before I enter Federal lands....
    I'm just leary about making any kind of edible... and then, without any experimentation or "trial run", eating what "I think" will be a good serving, then hopping into a motor vehicle and driving however far, to start a multiple mile hike, just sounds pretty sketchy.
    I'd rather just eat 1 1/2 squares of a triple strength Kiva bar, as I'd know what to expect, except...
    1) our closest dispensary has been shut down... next closest, is 20 miles (and I'm too busy with work, to get there)
    and 2) I really don't want to spend $20 on a Kiva bar, when I have plenty of THC right here, already ?
    What to do ?

  2. Make some firecrackers, works and does the job, or you can make some THC coconut oil pills and put them in a gel cap.
  3. dress in a polar bear outfit and scare the shit out of the feds when they come by
  4. Yea'..... and I have been thinking about making some of those. It's just that edibles on my work days are not a good idea, and I work Fri, Sat, and Sun.... Off Mon, and wanted to do a big hill climb then... so no time to experiment.
    Anybody here tried both Kiva bars {triple strength, 45mcg's per square} and Firecrackers ? How likely would it be to take a shot at making Firecrackers, and end up with very close to 45-60mcg's of THC per dose, on my first try ?
    Or to put it another way, how likely would I be to either "not get so much as a buzz".... OR, "get so ef'ed up I have to pull over and try for hours, to shake it off, before I have even made it to my stomping grounds" ???
    Just no confidence, in the whole thing :(
  5. #5 Afghancamel, Jan 18, 2014
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    Don't do it.
    With the edible you can buy you know exactly what you are getting. You won't know how your homemade edibles turned out until two hours after the first time someone takes some.
    By then it could be too late.
    Seriously, edibles are great and very suitable for the purposes you intend, but listen to that doubting Thomas who keeps whispering in your ear - it is wise counsel.
    By the way, edibles totally blow your tolerance levels for a couple of days, longer if you ate two days in a row. If you intend to make some edibles and have a test run, be sure to do so at least 3 days before heading out on your journey.
    And never eat an edible on an empty stomach, the lot can easily go straight through you without effect. Have a small meal or large snack no fewer than two hours and no more than six hours before ingesting your edible.
    Be careful, have fun  :)
    It's too late to do for this expedition but since you have plenty of stock material, make yourself a Green Dragon to take along with you and you'll be able to control your dosage wherever and whenever you are.  :) 
  7. You head up there joint in hand. Man up, having legal bud has spoiled you, most of us dont have the luxury.
  8. Psy, for just a second, I was thinking, "Yea', ! I could try that... wait a minute... I'd still be carrying an illegal drug on Federal land. Not sure if a concentrate would be any worse, as federally speaking, even 1 J is a felony anyway :( Stupid, right ?
    But now correct me if I'm wrong, while you can totally get nailed for having cannabis (or concentrates) "on your person".... you can't get in trouble for having it "in your person" right ?
    Of course what I'm saying is, you can be high as fawk, on edibles, tincure, or even smoking out before you entered federal lands, as long as you don't have anything on you, correct ?
    How in the world are they going to bust you if you have a brownie or two for a snack or a small bottle of homeopathic tincture? Neither one can be detected by dogs and since you want to dispose of it before you get onto the federal land, just take enough for that purpose if you don't want to carry it. You can be as loaded as you want as long as you don't set the place on fire or do something crazy to draw attention. You can be considered "under the influence" anywhere, any state and federal. If you don't do anything suspicious you have nothing to worry about.  :)

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