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  1. So, i started by germinating some decent mids i got from my roomates boyfriend. I was just messin around, just tryin to see if I could get them to sprout, and to my suprise they did. I got two little sprouts, they just showed up today. I got them in a big flower pot that has a , what looks like small palm tree in it. Im going to let the sun do its thing with these sprouts for a while and then transport them into some "5 dollars a cup" cups. Im gunna use some nitrogen rich soil, and ill just keep the cups by the window untill they get a little bigger, then im going to put them in a cardboard box lined with aluminum foil and a couple flouros over it in my closet. Its the best I can do for now, and im just trying to get the swing of this growing thing for a while first. This is my first grow and i was wondering if I could get any advise on this...just so I can do my best not to mess it up the first time. thanks in advance.
  2. sounds like you're pretty much on your way. I would recommend getting a soil that has no nutes in it though. Wait until after 3 weeks before feeding the plant. Use clean water. Get some pH strips (since you're on a budget) and make sure your water and fert mix is in the proper pH range.

    You'll need some real pots soon. Make sure you provide plenty of drainage in the plastic cups until you get some real pots.

    Good luck.
  3. yeah, I got holes at the bottom of the cups, but to be honest, they are so small that i water them like once a day, but a real small amount, so the water doesnt get the the bottom to drain, i probably only water the top couple inches, I dont know how much water I should give them during any stages. and im keeping them under a 150w flouro.
  4. You want them in small containers at first. It causes the soil to dry out fast causing thier roots to grow in order to search out a water supply. The gerneral rule of thumb that can be followed basicly through out the life of your plant is to stick your finger down about 1/4-1/2 down in the soil. If its moist you don't need to water, if its dry you do. Its better to under watter then over watter. To many new growers kill their babys due to overwatering.
  5. Thanks, that helps a lot, cuz i thought I had to water them all the time. ha.

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