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Alright, I'm no longer dry! yay! and tonight, I'm making hash.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I got .45 oz. of high mids today. It smokes very nice out of my bubbler.:hello:

    I am very high right now and am announcing that I will use about half my stash to make a little bit of hash for personal recreational use.

    Here is my thread describing my technique:

    Let me know what you think.
  2. hehe u lucky bastard, i only got one joint left and im about to smoke it now :D
    need to get more 2morro, enjoy ureself bruv, just out of curiosity how come u wanna make hash, just for the making of it or do u feel hash has some benefits weed dont?
  3. unfortunately I've only smoked street hash with a guy I barely knew. It got me very stoned but it didn't taste very good, like it was okay cuz we mixed it with some chronic, but the chronic high was much more pronounced than the couch lock hash which upon inspection I guess means that the chronic was a sativa and the hash was indica, hmm interesting.

    Anyways, so I decided to go with a technique I found in the book "Hashish" by Robert Carnell Clarke. He calls it "Sadhu Sam's Secret" which is basically the street name of the first guy who invented water hash which was later further developed into stuff like the Bubblebags and Schwagg bags and so forth. But the original is the cheapest and easiest to perform. See my link above for details.
  4. E- You from London?
  5. ok, here's the final thread on the subject, sorry about the three different threads referencing this, but I was very excited to make hash. I'll post some low qual pics (low qual camera, sorry) of it in a couple of days or so.
  6. I have a dumb question, but why/how do you get a .45 and not a half? What's that, 12.75g? Might as well go for the whole thing :D
  7. Yes, E is from London. Also, sounds like it'll come out well if you have well crystalled high mids. With hash the yield is a direct result of dankness, so you'd get alot more with some dank. But if you have mids use mids, I don't know much about hash, but your method seems right compared to what I've seen. Good (morning) night and good luck.
  8. It's a weird sort of hookup that happened totally by accident when I found out my good friend smoked regularly and usually got schwagg to high mids for a decent price.

    The dealer who actually moves the shit is shaky unfortunately and is super poor so he doesn't own a scale and measures it out by feeling because the amount can vary by a whole gram, sometimes more sometimes less than .45 oz., but never more than a gram in either direction.

    I don't specify, sometimes I buy forty and get 27 grams (1 gram less than a oz.) I wouldn't keep going back to him but the amount is a good deal. 20 dollars for .45 more or less, varies from schwagg to high mids without warning or any knowing why it goes up or down, but it does. this time was nice because I got more than .45 oz. by about a gram and it was high mids, only difference between this and chronic is that it has a few seeds ( i see six total in the entire thing), is a touch overdried, and is compressed. But it breaks up very easily in my grinder and produces lots of pollen and small shake which I pour onto the top of my bowls once they accumulate enough to make the grinder less usuable in which case I scrape the tiny yellow accumulations into my pipe and smoke them. They get me ripped but I cough alot and feel like hurling sometimes from the harshness of the smoke unlike if the same were to be done with the more moist chronic/dank). I put them into a jar because usually they are either overcured in some nasty smelling shacked or not cured at all. I prefer it if it's not cured because I store it in a glass mason jar in my minifridge and it fluffs up alot more and the smell accumulates around the weed. I recommend everybody store their stash in a mason jar because you can really conserve some nice shake at the bottom. I break up my buds with a set of pinpoint tweezers and place it into my grinder, which I wish had a pollen catcher but doesn't. I load it into my mediocre bubbler filled with standard water using the tweezers and a razor blade etc. etc. etc. I'm very anal about preparing bud and not accumulating any on my fingers because I'm relatively sure handling bud with your fingers isn't good for it and removes alot of trichomes.

    Anyways, sorry to go into a lot of detail about the way I smoke but I like to try and be efficient with what I can get within my price range.
  9. hey does anyone know if it is possible to do this method with half bud/half junk (stems and seeds)?
  10. u sent me a private message concerning this and considering it's the exact same question, here's my answer:

    you can use stems, but no seeds. Grind up the stems so that the thc inside them seeps out as well. Plus there should be some accumulation of thc on the stems. Don't worry, the stems will float with the rest of the debris while the thc on them will fall to the bottom like the rest of the resin glands.

    Don't use seeds though, saves those for a grow man. Not only that, but the seeds crack and pop and even if you ground them up, it would be similar to putting tiny pieces of cardboard in your hash, which would make it not burn very evenly. In addition it's probably not healthy.[/quote]

    awesome man, i half didnt expect you to respond...but hell yea man thanks.[/quote]

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