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Discussion in 'General' started by George Jung, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I have some questions about something. I've read some of the posts on this, I've tried doing research, and I'm unsure. is all over the web. Ads everywhere. Many people claim it doesn't work. What all those people have in common, however, is they all start with "Yeah, I heard...".

    No more!

    I am asking for anyone who has ACTUALLY bought and used something from them, did it work, and was it worth it.

    No "My friends friend..." etc. stuff, okay? No "I heard in the chatroom...", alright? Only post if you have FIRST HAND experience with their product.

    And yes, I realize it's not Marijuana, and I'm just as skeptical as any of you.

    Flamers will be ridiculed and mocked viciously. You have been warned.
  2. Yes, I have tried 'legal highs'. I havent tried many because the one I got tasted like crap, hurt like crap, smelled like crap, and didnt do shit. I dont even know what it was. It was a mixture of like 20 different things
  3. its absolute shit. my friend sspent 200 bucks on that shit, it never came. looking at the ingrediants, its just plants. they use chemicals and additives to give there bud the smell and composure of marijuana, but when you smoke it it tastes like absolute buttholllleeeeee
  4. Its not as fun when its legal... :)
  5. Fuck that noise. Buy some MJ and stop wasting your money!

    Bring on the ridicule...
  6. Ok bro stop thinking about legal highs in the way you are. Don't even bother finding reviews good or bad about that Bullshit!
    INstead, look up other herbs that real ethnobotanical stores. If you know what the plant is, you can look up experiences on erowid that aren't as biased. You know what your smoking.

    For example, blue lotus, wild opium lettuce, kratom, etc.. Those actually have effects, and are not supposed to be marijuana substitutes rather, other minorly psychoactive plants. :cool:
  7. Hypnogreen: I've never bought any, what money have I wasted? Unlike some, I don't make impulse purchases...:rolleyes:

    Just kidding around, but seriously, I only want people who have bought from If that ain't you, this post ain't for you.

    Even if no one has experience with these guys, general consensus seems to be stick with the real deal. Thanks for you posts!

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