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Discussion in 'General' started by FuzzTHC, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I have been smoking weed for a while now but recently daily for probably 3 months now, and with my luck, I have a 'random' urine test on the horizon because of my parents.

    I normally would've give a shit about the test, but if I fail, I lose my car and basically get bitched at. I haven't smoked any bud for probably 12 days now (toughest 12 days of my life) and I'm about to go mental. I was wondering if it would be alright to take one pinch of some kind-bud? (extremely podent, 80 bucks for a freakn' 1/8). I have the bowl loaded, I"m just debating if it will mess up my chances THAT bad for passing the drug test. I have been drinking water up the ass because that is all I can do, because the test is random and I'm not going to waste money on any urine test products (because it is random, wouldn't' know when to take the pills)

    I will never quit weed, it is that simple. I just want an innocent hit to relieve my freakn' pain. I need to relaxe and I can't without mary jane. help..? help.....? Thanks guys, appreciate it.
  2. Don't do it, unless of course you feel like getting some one else's pee and carrying it around all the time. The water wont help you when the time comes, they can tell you've diluted it. Trust me, I just got screwed for that today.
  3. well do your parents got money? like would they really waist there money on a piss test then pay some bills or something? if your parents don't have much cash, i'd smoke that shit on up and take my fucking chances.
  4. thanks for the responses guys. My parents already have the piss tests and they have been threatening to use them for months now, they always bluff. But lately, I have a sensed them to really do it, but they haven't yet after 12 days.

    I went downtown today and found something that you put into your urine sample and it will basically make the THC untracable. Since they will not go into the bathroom with me (hopefully) I will take my chances with that. But again, will 2-3 hits of bud really raise my chances after 12 freakn' days..?

    Thanks again
  5. Hate to say it, because I know how much you probably don't want to hear it...

    But you would be wise to just stop smoking until you're 18 if your parents don’t want to let you smoke. You must understand the absolute power your parents have over you as far as the courts are concerned.

    If you think weed is more important than your peace and quiet and your car, then toke up.

    Although I did see that you've chosen some urine additive. I can't vouch for all of the urine additives, but I passed an extremely scrupulous test by using an additive called "terminator pure".

    I'm almost certain that your parents have bought the $15 cheapie test from the drug store. They are the easiest to fool. Just be glad you don't have to go to a probation officer and take the test.

    Just be ready to accept the consequences for your behavior. Don't feel sorry for yourself if when they catch you, they start bitching and taking your car keys.

    Wait until you're 18 and they won't have any more power over you (unless, of course, they decide to turn you in, which I doubt).
  6. You can smoke all you want all the time, but make sure you carry a vile of "virgin piss" it is a yellow-white poder that changes into regular piss by just adding a little bit of water. It works. You will have to check in a box before buying this cleaner if you are male or female since you have different chromisoms (ie xx xy) It really works. I just ask for a glass of water drink it but keep the water in my mouth and spit it in the piss cup pur the powder and stire you done. CHeck it out Peace

    Ps also a good source for way for-out bongs and peices pretty cheap too.
  7. Thanks again for the comments. I have pretty much decided to continue to smoke bud, mainly at the end of the day out on my porch. I went downtown today a purchased 'always clean' it is something that you pour into your urine cup after you piss, and is suppose to work.

    My parents did get the cheap kinds, I'm sure of it, so I'm not too worried about not passing. I'll be 18 in one month anyways, I just dont want to lose anymore trust that I have already lost with them. So in the meantime I have made the decision to continue to smoke, I will quit eventually, but the time is most definitely not now. Thanks again for the help guys, much appreciated.

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