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  1. so theres this girl, we'll call her K. bout a year ago me and K had a thing, then we broke up, but we were going to get back together. all of a sudden outta nowhere comes my brother who asks her out. (BTW i'm 18, shes 17, he's 16) so they're seeing eachother and im growing increasingly pissed. i still liked her, and she had a thing for me for a while. yea i went behind my brothers back once, but that was once and i blame that on all the stress. i mean cmon my own brother was doing this to me. they would fool around in front of me, and even though my brother knew how badly i was hurting, continued to see her until he got his fill.

    that whole thing taught me that my brother is an arrogant self-centered bag of douche. i still havent forgivin him, all i ever got was a half assed "sorry". I still don't trust him with any girl i meet. and now we have this rivalry thing going on, its hard to explain...basicly whenever we're around a group of girls, either i'm getting all the attention and he's pissed off at me, or visa-versa. it's annoying and leaves us both annoyed with eachother.

    so now I want this whole thing to be a distant memory, but no, he's been talking to her alot latley. idk about what, but i know what her intentions are so it doesnt really matter. and now later the three of us are going to a sweet 16. i wana just be cool and have fun, but i know im gona lose it when i see the two of them dancing. what the fuck am i supposed to do?! i want this bitch outta my life, and i want her away from my brother. should i talk to him before the party? or wait till somthing happends? this cunt caused me so much pain, i don't understand why he thinks it's completly ok to start talking to her again...holy shit i'm losing it man what would you do? feel like im gona throw up :(
  2. Kidz just tryin' to get some pussy, do yourself a favor and try hittin' someone else
  3. Not worth it.

    Shes not worth trying for. You and your brother both are acting stupid. He shouldnt of got involved but hes only 16 so hes still makin the wrong moves. You shouldnt let it effect you.

    All the shit this is bringing can be avoided. Stop tryin for the girl and find someone better. Let your brother grow up some and learn before expecting him to act like an adult.

    All that "you cant date her cause we went out once" bullshit has to stop some point. If by any chance her and your bro clicked then you shouldnt be tryin to mess with it. I know its tough but just let it all go and dont show that it bothers you. Keep that stuff inside and learn to control yourself
  4. Hate to tell you this man, but chances are she isnt the last one youll date, nor will the next one be. I know that stomach feeling your talking about, its not worth feeling.
    Find someone else imo.
  5. Straight up ignore them both at the party and just hang out with some friends, or whatever y'all kids do at parties.

    This girl doesn't need any more attention from you. That's all she wants. Same with your brother. They want attention, good or bad, so just back up and find some other people to hang out with. Maybe even some people your own age?
  6. Just man up and ignore the bitch. You blame your brother, but if she had feelings for you she wouldn't be fucking around with both of you, at the same time it sounds like.

    She sounds like a sluthole bitch to me. You got your fill, let your bro get his and move on.

    Some girls are only made for one thing... this sounds like one of them.

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