Alright. I Dont Like Sex While Stoned.

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. hahahahhhahaha.

    ok. well! i dont.... !

    I dunno, ok, a lot of people (*ahem* talk about how they like sex whilst stoned. and I can honsetly say, I dont! I cant get into it!
    I think I can say this because I just like to zone out so much and just really get intrusive, into my mind...that even though I *love* sex...I just cant, under most (LOL) circumstances GET IT ON
  2. I can totally see myself humping while high, but under the influence of alcohol, now thats some crazy bullshit!
  3. Sex while high=Good
    Sex while drunk=Diffacult

    Hope that helps =)


    thats, what I thought you meant. lol, but I beg to disagree. me high + yummy girl = uncontrollable laughter
    me drunk + yummy semi drunk girl = fun! yeah!

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  5. If I'm going to have sex while fucked up, I'd rather be drunk. I'm with Sensi on the whole subject of stoned sex. I am easily distracted while high and distactions suck during sex. Although, I WILL have sex while high, I just focus if need be.
  6. lol yea.

    its too much work while im stoned. i dont like that. i just wanna chill, do my laughing, then chill somemore.
  7. sorry ladys but i have to say

    weed and sex ...yes

    drunk and sex ...yes

    drunk without weed

    weed without drunk ...yes

    weed with drink ...yes

    sex on vicodin ...yes

    vicodin and tequila and weed .........hours of pass out affterwards sex.....wake up sore and cant get no more for a day or two sex
  8. maybe its just me. hell, I enjoy sex. but the best, and most enjoyment Ive had is with the one I love. and we actaully had the conversation...(and this being in college!>!>!!!!) that how gooooooooood it is...when we are just us, straight (LOL) no alki, no smoke, etc, just us....together...its just so raw, so damn stripped down the eve and eve senses this life has given both us.

    lol. what a fun thing to talk about.

  9. Vicoden...check
    Tequila....shit,....gotta go to the liquor store!
  10. Get me some Tequila too, Mrs D., if you don't care!!!!!!!

    I LOVE TEQUILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i luv bein ripped and havin a little somethin somethin goin on! u just get right into it! that's me anyways. hmmmm tequila!!!!!! when i drink- i am bad hahaha..
  12. weed and sex, last time this happen, i kept spacing out.

  13. Alcohol on top is what makes it freeeeeeaaaaaaaakkkkkkkyyyy!

    Woo Hoo, the weekend is here and I am goin to get the tequila...shots for everyone!

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  14. take a shot or 2 for me!!! i am so excited for halloween!!

    yeah, pot and booze don't mix to well sometimes eh. lol but if you watch what your drinkin and start smokin early, well you could just imagine.

  15. they mix just fine for me...but I have a high tolerance...and an insane hubby.....keeps me on my toes!

    Will take a shot or 2 for everyone! but what does that have to do with Halloween???????
  16. oh im praaaaaaying I dont have to work on halloween. probably not seeing I just quit my one job and have only put in a application for this other one like, yesterday. hahaha. im a lazy beeeeotch. but I love halloween and we get soooo busy around here...Im not sure what I wanna do..go out n party, probably not, seeing I like the hermit scene Im living right now...or staying in, getting all screwy with maybe a friend lol, and giving out candy and screwing with all the kiddies asking, ha, for a trick or treat.

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