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Alright guys, I'm going to get her!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Toxy, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. So, ya these past few months/days/weeks have been weird. I've been going in and out of relationships just trying to verify what I really want for the longest time now.
    Buttttttttttttt, I still love hooking up in between all the relationships... Because everyone loves sex, right? :yummy:

    Any who. There's this extremely lovely, beautiful, looking girl I've been trying to get with for almost 2 months now give or take, and we haven't even kissed yet, but she's just one of those really shy girls that take a minute to warm up too.

    Last time we chilled she told me I was cute and started putting her arms around my neck blah blah boring stuff, next thing you know my friend unconsciously cock blocks me by blacking out and throwing up every where. Whatever, it's cool, another day. :rolleyes:

    Well today's that day. Her and my friend are coming over to drink in a bit and I'm just going to be straight up with my dick and tell it what it is. :smoke::smoke:

    Why is this such a big deal to me? It's probably because it's been taking so long to get down there... I love women that I have to work for. ;)
  2. Good job OP. Glad to hear you're gonna go after what you want. Lettuce know how this goes afterwards.
  3. Hahahaha:confused:
  4. Good luck, but why did you invite your friend over again? He blocked your cock last time.
  5. congrats to OP! hope it works out.... i suggest pulling "the naked man" 50% of the time it works every time!
  6. Good luck wit that homie.
  7. Different friend lol. And he didn't mean too its all good.
  8. I will. That would be the best feeling ever to come in here and be like: :cool:
  9. Good luck and update. And I feel sorry that your friend has to third wheel ;)

  10. Haha I know, I'm stoned I geeked too. But get you some OP. She sounds like she definitely wants it.
  11. Devils threesome??? :confused_2: :ey:
  12. Psh, he knows the plan. I help him all the time.
  13. [quote name='"trav diesel"']
    devils threesome??? :confused_2: :ey:[/quote]

  14. [quote name='"Toxy"']

    Psh, he knows the plan. I help him all the time.[/quote]

    Oh I see. Hes the wingman then?
  15. Wellllllll I'll be straight up.... We ended up just getting wasted and spooning. Not that great but at least its something to work with in the future. :p
  16. [ame][/ame]
  17. Baby steps, brotha. You'll get that poontang in due time. :cool:
  18. We had sex last night. Random as fuck 420. :D
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  20. Attaway Toxy! You gotta give us a better story than that though!


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