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Alright guys here's the scenario, how would you do it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hiimhi, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I got .7grams and it has to last me through today(which it will), and tomorrow if it can(which it wont) So i'm looking for the way to get the most of it
    My back is already starting to ache, I can hold off for a bit longer though.
    My question was, what would you do with it to make the most of it? My tolerance isnt all that high, meaning I can smoke a bowl and feel it a bit but I wont be totally blazed.
    It's some dank, green crack to be exact.

    I'm medical so I can do whatever with it in my house and have no worries on it.
    Bake it and eat it?
    Smoke it?
    I haven't had edibles in a LONG time and last time I did the weed ramen had me locked on the couch for 5 hours on end, that was also with around 2 grams though, ha
  2. Personally if I was you, I would take maybe 2 really big hits out of a bong and hold em in for a little while. Wait a couple hours and do it again. Then after that wait, eat dinner and take a few more hits. Then go to sleep when your starting to come down. You should have only used around .4/.5. Then you can have enough for a wake and bake in the mourning. Thats just how I would do it. But then again, I can make that .7 last a week. No lie. Anyways, god luck man, hope you back feels better. :)

  3. The thing is it's only 11:06 AM haha.
    I'm going to pack a really fat bowl in my pipe and just hit it slowly throughout the day, eat when im starting to fade back and then passout, and smoke when I get up for tonight.
    I'm getting more friday, I'm not really too concerned having to go through tomorrow without smoking however much it will suck
  4. WTF are you smoking that you have .7g's of that won't last 2 days with a low tolerance? Honestly you should be able to get at least 4 bowls out of the remaining bud, just grind it up and smoke 1 bowl, let your high come on, then smoke the other after you sober up a bit.

    Plus why do you have a sativa strain for pain? I would assume an indica dominant would've been best.

    If your pains are really this bad get a prescription for some hydrocodene or something.
  5. Make a gravity bong.
    Look it up on YouTube or Google.

    It conserves weed so much. You just pack a hit at a time and you'll be surprised how effective it is.
  6. Weed Ramen?

  7. Make firecrackers, use .3 grams and make 2 of them.
    Smoke a .1 gram bowl while you're baking and then eat one once your high from that .1 bowl is gone.
    Then eat the other one the next day.
  8. I second the gravity bong idea. Usually rapes the lungs if you make a badass setup, but also brings you the strongest high for the shortest amount.

    I myself would pack it into even increments in my bong. I have a 12'' SYN percolator, and the bowl is fat (thick) but very conservative (probably fits .3-.4)

    Let us know what you decide brohemoth.
  9. Fuck yeah :cool:
    If your in FL you can get the REAL good shit too.
  10. This problem solved.:yay:
  11. Edibles dont work for all people and personally I wouldnt wanna risk it. Thatd be such a bummer if her did use all his bud and they didnt work :(

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