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  1. Alright so today I came home from school today to find out that my mom had gone though all my shit. The first thing I see when I open the door to come in my house is my bong.

    So I saw that and said whatever, she already knows I blaze I'll just have to get a new bong. But Then I waked into my room and see it has been copletely destroyed. Still, this I can understand because it's her house.

    Then I saw somthing I hadent seen in a long time. It was an evolope that had been for my sister that I had opened a long time ago containing her birthday money from family. the thing is that I dd this along time ago when i was strugling with smoking and a opiate addiction.
    But after I had stolen this envope, I could not sleep at night ecause of it on my councince (Sp?), and was one of the reasons I quit my doc.
    But I cannot tell this to my mom because she would abosolitly try to kill me if she figured out that I was doing that drug, but I don't know what to tell her as to why I did it, and I have no current means of paying my sister back as I have been layed off since summer.

    There realy is no easy way out of this for me and I was just wondering if anybody on gc might have some good advice or moral support or something
  2. Come clean about all of it. This was a long time ago, and you should basically tell her everything you told us. It's behind you, and while she'll probably be upset, she should understand that you're over it.

    You can also probably pawn your smoking off as a means to lay off the harder drugs.
  3. just be honest dude, tell the truth and accept responsibility for your actions. Tell your mom you wont smoke in her house anymore and apoligize to your sis and figure out a way to pay her back.
  4. yeah just tell her, thats the only way she's going to understand, if you dont, she's just going to think youre a junkie for weed and weed will forever be demonized in her eyes even more so than it already is
  5. Just tell her that your sister did something that made you really mad. So you took her card to get back at her. And you meant to give it back but forgot about it.
  6. Thanks for all the good advice guys, I told her the truth all exept I swiched out my opiate addiction for a nicotine addiction because she already knew that I had smoked and was quitting smoking, and I know she won't be to mad about the weed because she blazes asweel she just dosent support me doing it at all for some reason

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