Alright for the ladies

Discussion in 'General' started by Tinkerbell26, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. This is the most unexpected thing I have seen today.
  2. lol didnt see anywhere else to put the post and i figured the gals would enjoy this lol...just cos you like pot doesnt mean you dont wanna look good whilst smoking a bowl.
  3. Honestly the logic is sound, maybe I should rock some jasmine eyes to cover up my highness this Halloween
  4. thanks girly! the jasmine makeup is totally badass. i've got a really cute turquoise cocktail dress, and it'll go perfectly for a night out clubbin'!

    : )
  5. Im going as a drunken pirate..complete with rum and like some sparrrow eye makeup..but eh..not quite right
  6. hahaha, you read my mind sir.
  7. youre not a girl get outta my thread :p just playin id post some for boys but i dont think any on here wear makeup i said dont you boys want us to look good whilst we smoke that bowl with ya? well wait i do have a tutorial for the boys ill post it laters :p
  8. youre welcome they should really have a girl section on this board lol for stuff like this im gonna do a review of the wales palette and the 120 palette
  9. yes we want u to look good smokin a bowl!!:eek: but why not look good all the other times besides halloween!! all the girl that smoke around here are normally kinda grody:( so any ladys that smoke in ohio and try to pull a grunge look and get madd when u get the stink eye clean it up a bit:rolleyes::D:smoking:
  10. thats cos we girls figure youre too high to notice how we look :p...but seriously you just are smoking with the wrong girls cos i know I ALWAYS look good while smokin ....well except at night when im about to go to bed bc im wearing a mud mask but when im with boys or good looking women I make it a point to look hot :)
  11. I like the Jasmine ones. :]

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