Alright bro... this is getting me mad

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  1. My earphones are broken right? My sister and brother ALWAYS end up breaking my earphones or headphones. So right now i have to hold it a special way to hear it from both sides, if i dont it'll only play from my right ear. And when it ONLY plays from 1 side, i get mad because im listening to music and it just annoys me when it only plays from 1 side.
  2. kill your siblings? not sure what you want us to do here
  3. get good headphones.

    its mainly the cheaper ones that do that

    i have some real nice cloth ones that are real tough
  4. I always buy good earphones and put them away in my draw. they always end up getting their hands on it, when im at a friends house or out of town for a weekend i come home ALWAYS finding out they broke em =/
    I also just felt like raging because im getting really mad when my earphones stop playing when im getting into a song.
  5. ive had that before, you might have to tape it up

  6. might try that in the morning, i was thinking the same thing.
  7. Lets see a pic of your sister ?

  8. lol ^

    OP are you a middle child?
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    I know this all too well.
    Everytime i buy earphones (usually the $10 kind) it ends up breaking and i have to twist the end to make them work in both ears.

    One day i'll just go on and spend $150 on some in ear Dr.Dre Beats so i can go atleast a year without buying earphones.
  10. yea i agree, i have been trolled too many times by cheap or broken headphones that play only from one side :/

  11. you have them?
    are they worth it?
    hows the sound quality?

    If you don't have them be careful where you buy them. I think Ioffer sell fakes.

  12. She's 12 years old, still wanna see pics?

  13. hell yes

    lol jk jk.
  14. are you chris hanson?:bolt:

  15. That makes me want pics even more not kidding

  16. god i hate admitting it, but fuck it.

    i wasnt even kidding. the fact that she is 12 makes me want the pics more, i'm not gonna lie:eek:

    and NO i am not gonna rape a random blades sister, can't a man fantasize? since when is fantasizing about something illegal, illegal?
  17. Ehh... if this was ur sister this would be a totally different conversation, I know ur all joking so im ease and chill but yeah some 12 year olds are hot. And there aint nutin wrong with that.

  18. thank GOD someone agrees! haha

    and yea mane, i kno the feel, my cousins be lookin FINE lol

    and uhhhh u ever wonder if she ever thinks same of you?
  19. haha man i edited that shit, cuz after reading it im like ehhh wait its MY SISTER i should not even fuck with that with a 50 feet stick :p
    P.s= Cousins are a lot different, aint even ganna lie my cousin is fucking hot and dont get me started with my sister in law.

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