Alright blades, I need some help with money making ideas.

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  1. Here's what happened. I got popped by a red light camera. I'm not contesting; I know I'm guilty and red light laws exist for a damn good reason. Do the crime, pay the fine. It's probably gonna be about $500 (I got the notice or violation, but haven't received the ticket yet).

    I just need some ideas about how to come up with the cash. They're calling it due in January so I have a few months. Don't think I'm a bum. I hold down a job, but I need that a lot of that money to eat and pay bills. I can probably save about $200 to help out with the ticket by Jan. I'm also a Amazon Mechanical Turk worker (check it out if you don't know about it already, it's a great way to make spare cash), I figure if I bust my ass on that site, I can probably cop another $100 or so there.

    But that leaves about a $200 gap, and that's where you come in. Help me out with money making ideas. I have about two days off a week from work to make this happen. My skill set: I type 70+ wps, I'm female but in good shape and not above physical labor, I crochet, sew, write well, have excellent grammar skills, pretty damn good at Black Jack (though I don't want to take the risk and end up worse off), I'm very good at ceramics, and I'm also willing to work hard.

    What I won't do: I'm not slanging, prostituting, robbing, cheating, or anything else illegal or objectively immoral. Help me out blades!
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    I am not implying prostitution, but what ever goes down in that car is your business.
  3. hope it snows and get busy
  4. Strip. And show us pictures
  5. There is no easy way to make money. You either get a job, sell or sell stuff. Unless you have a skill/talent..
  6. Don't pay the ticket... I know at least where I am from, they have to serve you Personally. If they don't, the ticket goes away after 4 months.
  7. Sling drugs, dear.
  8. Ask a family member to cover you until you can earn the money yourself. Then actually pay your family member back in a reasonable amount of time by making smaller payments that aren't as hard for you to "cop." Problem solved.
  9. Sell something you don't use. I have a garage full of shit. Whenever i need money for something really important i throw something on craigslist. I am sure you have something that is worth a couple hundred that you don't use.

    If you really are a female and a dyke you could get a sugar daddy.
  10. I'm not looking for an easy way to make money. I'm willing to work. I just need some help figuring out what I could do with my skill set. I don't really have anything to sell.
  11. That's not how it works here. If I don't pay, they revoke my license and add even more fines. Eventually I could be arrested.
  12. Well, I don't really have much to sell, but I'll look into it. No, you don't understand, I'm a real dyke. I don't want a sugar daddy :p
  13. Be a surrogate mother, and get paid upfront.

    That way you can pay it off now, and then have a baby in 9 months...?
  14. You can't just make money like that, especially expecting to not do anything illegal.

    Go chop some weed

  15. Borrow the cash from your parents?

    And can you maybe post a link to that amazon thing? Is it legit? Does it pay well?
  16. I can't, they're not so well off right now themselves.

    Just Google Amazon Mechanical Turk. It's legit, but doesn't pay that well. For effort you put into it vs wages, at most, you might possibly make minimum wage, but likely less. Still, it's a source of income.
  17. I don't expect to make it all at once. I've got 3 months. I really don't want to do anything illegal and end up worse off.

    I might consider trimming, but that's as far as I'd go. I am NOT slinging. That's for sure.
  18. And it's not because I think selling weed is somehow less wrong than smoking it, it's just that I so cannot afford a felony and more fines. Besides, I live in Northern California. You don't get that much for weed up here; it's hella cheap.

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