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Discussion in 'General' started by Arithium, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Heloooo boys an girls. Just a quick background..I use to be an active member on these boards till last october when I turned into a cocaine junky. (I changed my name so none of you will recongnize me) I hit the bottom of the barrel and i'm clean since Dec. 8th, 2007 from cocaine, and I still shy away from weed, just scary of the thought of getting into trouble.

    I attended AA/NA meetings for the longest, and trust me...that shit is nooo fun :D ahh how I miss the days of plowing through an 8-ball with my brudah and smoking dat fire on the come down.

    Recently got a job working for an insurance company strictly dealing with prescription drugs (uh oh, lol) so lately i've been popping some pills. Me and my new friends have some good connects on OCs, Roxys, Hydros, Xanax, X and the devil....fentanyl. and my mom gets the fentanyl gel patches and oc's prescribed for her chronic pain from fibromyalgia and 3 herneiated (sp?) disks in her lower back. Anyyyways...bout to plow a 20mg OC (name brand) but can't find a hose clamp. Any suggestions on breaking this bad boy down? And maybe you guys can talk to me and keep me from nodding off. I take about 6 hydro's per day (prescribed to me) for my pain, but since I decided tonight would be OC night I only did 2 hydro 10' I should be good right? Since OC has no fillers like acetiminephen..wish me luck. New to the pill game. 'dros recently prescribed. PS to all you youngsters, stick with dat good 'ol herb and never ever get caught. Rule number 1.


    P.S. do not ever eat the gel from a fentanyl patch. ever.
  2. don't go down that road man

    oc's are just as bad man

    and wrong forum just sayin
  3. woops...maybe the mod gods will move it. sorry :smoke: but anyways..nothing is worse than the coke road.
  4. i love coke :p
  5. Alright...i'm just gonna shave this bad boy down with a knife...wish me luck. I have the flu (my fever broke tho) and so hopefully i'll be in wonderland soon.

    PS. I lovED coke too, but becareful. Everyone gets caught with that shit eventually.
  6. the tweek road will run your life more than coke

    but i've learned to moderate my coke consuption

    i believe if i didn't quit that safeway job

    i'd be doing coke like a crazy man

  7. rubbin the coating off now..I hate this fucken part :rolleyes:
  8. well a knife didn't work too well on scraping it but! None the less...the deed is done! :hello:
  9. So you've stopped abusing Coke and have now moved onto pharmaceuticals.... Bravo sir, bravo.

    And you take 6 Hydro's a day for "pain"? I've known people with no medical insurance who still have to work 60 hour weeks with torn ligaments and slipped disks just because they need to be able to make rent for that month. Tell me, how bad is this pain of yours?

    Don't sit there and expound on the dangers of coke and drug addiction when you still cleary have some deep seeded problems with the issue.

  10. Well duh. Lets not get pushy. I try to help people before myself sometimes. I just want everyone to know how stupid this shit is. However I abuse hydros, I don't get prescribed enough to take 6 a day for pain haha...thats funny. and I have cancer of the lymph nodes..aka hodgkins disease.

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