Alright, All You Northern California Blades/Bladies, Lets Get Together

Discussion in 'General' started by whiskey, Feb 18, 2009.

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    First, I've read through the rules to make sure that this is ok, if it's not, I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes...

    Bizzoo and I were talking yesterday about how much fun it would be to have a GC sesh. Anyone else interested? Maybe for 4/20 or the weekend of? Near or immediately around the San Francisco area.

    I know there are a ton of you out there, and it would be fun and a great way to meet each other...

    No details have been worked out, or even thought of yet, just wondering how many people would be interested.


    If April isn't good for you and you're interested, tell us when is good, and lets all find a time that this will work.
  2. Na, you come down here in colorado!
    Boulder is the shit specially on 420!

  3. Are you crazy? It snows there. :p

    I do want to go someday, Colorado has so much that I want to see. You should come here.
  4. Um. Texas, anybody?

    We could have some fun and try to find a place to smoke that's more than 1 mile away from a church.
  5. I do want to go to Texas some day :(
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    Only in winter...... duh...

    Colorado is much like cali but better! The laws here are very flexible. The buds are fucking dank! I went couple concerts and they all said that colorado has the best buds ever!

    I do plan going to cali someday. When I have enough money.

    [ame=""]YouTube - 420 2008 university of colorado, boulder. norlin quad[/ame]
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    I've heard that WE have the best buds ever! ;) I've lived here my whole life [minus two years when I made the mistake of going to Boston], no other state will ever be as wonderful to me as California. Ever.

    But Colorado does seem like it might be one of the next best states.
  8. Yup, count me in for that session haha.
  9. I'll be driving through northern cali in a few weeks... hmm...
  10. Oklahoma needs to be the party state...
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    Oh hell no, I'm not going there. I've seen Tremors. I know what you are up against. :D

    Come on vacation out here, just for a few days, it'll be awesome.

    Ok, so far we have myself, Bizzoo and maybe Magnus? [who should figure out when he'll be in town] ONLY THREE?! You guys suck ;)
  12. Hey, you can't forgot me. SPECIALLY ME!!!
  13. I'd go if I was near the area, unfortunately I'm not, and lack the income for travel...
  14. just give this thread some time, there are hella blades in teh bay our there, they just gatta see this.
  15. 4/20 falls on a Monday, I may have to work.
  16. I wish I lived in Cali..
  17. Bubble, I also mentioned possibly the weekend coming up to 4/20 :) Just a little early celebration, would you be able to make it on a weekend?

    WDB, get on getting that reservation out here.

    Glopi, it's an excuse to come see the sites. ;)

    I'm glad some of you are interested! Can't wait to see who else might be.
  18. Im in fresNO. Id be down to cruise to SF for a big GC smokeout
  19. Yeah, I won't be in cali for 4/20, just some point in march.

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