alprazolam ?

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  1. ive been told this stuff is xanax, but i had 6 pills .25 mg each.. popped them all in and let them dissolve under my tongue, how should i be feelin, and how soon will it kick in?
  2. Thats only 1.5 mgs so its less than a bar, but if you dont have a tolerance you should be chillin good
  3. i dont have much tolerance at all. only the second time ive taken them, i poped 2 more to make it 2mgs.. just swallowed them this time, dissolving them under your tongue tastes like shit
  4. Drink a few beers then report back
  5. More than 3 is fatal. Prepare for a slow, painful death filled with blindness, deafness and your heart, liver and kidneys exploding withing the next 6 hours.
  6. Hahaha. I hope it was sarcasm... all I have to say. Three beers and 2mg is not even close to the lethal dose. He might not remember shit or do some dumb things but what you just said is plain ignorant. Took 4 bars and drank a half liter last night and I'm here (and have combined much, much more including opiates, rolls, etc. into the mix). I'm not saying it's smart to do what I've done but what you said is incorrect.
  7. Its not "incorrect." The combination of xanax and alcohol can affect 2 people extremely different.

    Just because you're still here doesn't mean he is.

    However, 1.5mg should be enough to make you forget a few hours of your life.
  8. Yeah idk xanax has a different effect on everyone i think. My first time i popped 4 bars and didnt really feel too much. I just felt like a zombie when i walked and my teeth were ultra sensitive. Very mellow but buds is def better.
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    No booze for me tonite I'm jus chillin bout to smoke a third blunt, then a another blunt after that... I'll prolly jus pass the fuck out out after that...I'm feelin great now
  10. You're lucky to be alive. You're a hero to modern druggies everywhere.

  11. you can't be fuckin serious, unless your allergic to alprazolam, then 2 mg's won't fuckin kill you, they make 2 mg pills ffs.
  12. He definitely is, look at his earlier post.

    And a question, how common is having an allergic reaction to a prescription medicine? Specifically opiates and benzos since those are the most common rec. pharms. I know it's very rare but is it even common enough to worry about or even consider?

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