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  1. since smoking marijuana increases alpha wave activity and the first stages of the human sleep cycle see an increase of alpha wave activity one might conclude that marijuana is a way to tap into the subconscious mind. any thoughts on this would be nice
  2. depends on what the signifigance of alpha waves are and the degree of increase in activity.
  3. I get stoned enough that I pass out and literally get lost in space. My eyes go blank and I can't see shit in this reality in front of me... so sure
  4. sounds like some other drugs ha
  5. once knew a girl who truly believed she could communicate telepathically from smoking weed. just saying some peoples body chemistry reacts alot differently than others
  6. i think it most definately activates the sub-conscious mind. when im blazed and close my eyes I can literally watch my sub-conscious show me things. Visual thoughts are constant and random and I know that its my sub-conscious showing me these things because I am not thinking myself, it all just comes
  7. If you guys want some scientific evidence related to this. Weed has been found to limit the intake of information from the environment, which might be the cause of increased creativeness, because less info from around you makes your brain make up for it by stimulating itself with other information. Also during sleep your brain processes subconscious info which is a cause of alpha waves. I see some connections here... What about you guys?

  8. thats what i meant :smoke:
  9. i must admit i really like the info concerning the 8 circuits of the brain i will admit i have experimented with lsd and various other hallucinogens to include salvia and I feel that the descriptions provided fit perfectly it is impossible to describe the thoughts and feelings associated with said substances.
  10. It really makes you think about the "stoned ape" theory.. that human evolution was caused by apes getting stoned habitually on naturally occurring psychoactive substances which caused the immense mental evolution.
  11. i wish that was the case but if we evolved from drug loving apes then why is there such a negative connotation surrounding drugs and habitual drug usage?
  12. The forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest..
  13. because we refuse the 'Genetic order diagram'

    the higher order, greater plain, the true word.

    IMO this is what Cannabis reveals, it is the Christ
  14. because we refuse the 'Genetic order diagram'

    the higher order, greater plain, the true word.

    IMO this is what Cannabis reveals, it is the Christ to me
  15. I think it depends on the state of your third eye. If you have a lot of calcium deposits that have built up from a poor diet and a large consumption of American tap water, then you might not be able to tap into it. But if you follow a strict whole food diet and consume a lot of psychedelics that help clear the calcium deposits, then I'm assuming you can tap into it more efficiently.

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